More about the area and How to Find Us

Hetta Huskies organises husky safaris in the far north of Finland, 220km within the Arctic Circle. Our basecamp (at Hetantie 211, Enontekiö) is just 4km from the centre of the 'Hetta' which, as the county town of the municipality of Enontekiö, is the main village in the part of Lapland known to Finns as 'Fell' Lapland.

Internationally, the region is marketed as 'Tossilappi' ('True' Lapland) since it is the area in which all of Lapland's rolling hills are found. The region's tourism website has a good information map which looks at the multitude of adventure activity options available in the area, in some detail.

At 68 degrees North, we are right at the edge of civilisation, in one of the last great wilderness areas in Europe and there is little permanent habitation above this latitude, whether in Europe, Russia or the Americas.

The sub pages within this section detail: • How to reach us overland (by car, train and bus) from within Finland as well as from northern Norway and Sweden. • Outdoor activities that people can enjoy in the winter activities (skiing, snow-shoeing etc)
• Outdoor activities that people can enjoy in the summer months (hiking, water-sports, biking etc) and
• Nature-based tourism (picking berries, fishing etc).
• An orientation section about where the various wilderness areas are located in Enontekiö and what huts etc are available within each of them. Since over 60% of Finland's fells are located in Enontekiö, and over 75% of the area is protected land, this is quite a large section!
• The facilities in Hetta itself (shops, accommodation providers etc) which will hopefully be of use to you, when you are actually here, so that you can find your way around!