Summer Kit Hire

This section of our website is about canoe, kayak and other water-related kit that is available for hire. Day/Week - prices are listed but for hire-periods of over two weeks, reductions can be made.

Kayaks Canoes SUP-Boards

Canoe, Kayak and SUP Board Rental

We have 3 x 2-seater canoes, 3 x 3-seater canoes, 11 x single touring kayaks (5 x Seabirds, 2 x Dags and 4 x Perception Expression 15s) and 1 x double touring kayak by Welhompessä, 2 kayaks suitable for children and 3 x Inflatable SUP Boards available for rent. Additional kayaks and canoes (including racing K1s, a K2, a wavehopper, sea kayaks, etc), may be available for hire on request.

Most people who want to rent our canoes and kayaks hope to paddle one of Enontekiö's many rivers. If you are sufficiently competent to paddle alone then you can simply rent the boat(s) and we can also organise the transfers to and from river put-in and take-out if you wish. Alternatively, if you need some additional confidence to undertake the journey, we are happy to guide you on these journeys (and on some rivers, this gives you access to some of our wilderness cabins for overnight stops, which we do not otherwise rent out).

Hire Costs @ Base Single Kayak Rental* Double Kayak 2-3pax Canoe Canoe Trolley Barrels, Dry Bags, Pelicases etc Inflatable SUP Board 1-2pax Inflatable kayaks Packraft
Per Day €30 €40 €40 €5 €5/item €15 Ask €25
Per Week €185 €250 €250 €25 €25/Item €175 Ask €125

*FYI: For kayak hire from the Rysä in downtown Hetta, there is an additional €5 service charge to partially cover the time and cost of travelling the time and cost of the 16km of driving needed for checking the kayaks out and in.

Children's Boats

We have two small children's kayaks that can be used on the same rental price basis as the adult boats.

When you hire our water craft we also issue buoyancy aids, paddles and a spraydeck for kayaks if required. Laminated maps may also be available depending on the river of your choice.

For those needing a transfer to, or pick-up from, a river, in addition to boat hire (but without guiding) please look at the facilitated journey prices.
For those requiring a guided lake or river journey, please refer to the pages about guided canoe and kayak adventures.

Recommended Local Paddle: The Tranquil Suonttajoki-Ounasjärvi Journey

Although many people choose to hire canoes or kayaks and to attempt one of the area's many wilderness rivers, there is a wonderful, close-to-home paddling adventure on the Suonttajoki River on our doorstep. This c. 3 hour facilitated journey is the paddle that we recommend to all of our visiting friends and family.

This is what we call a 'facilitated journey' (as opposed to simply being based on a boat-hire price) since a guide will walk with you from the homestead to where we keep 2-3 canoes during the season close to the put-in point c.7 mins away. They will help you to take them down to the water and give you some basic paddling tips.

Children and adults alike have fun steering the boats along the meandering waters of the Suonttajoki River, by which time they have gotten to grips with steering in a straight line as they cross the Lake of Ounasjärvi. On the far shore is a community fireplace which is just perfect for grilling sausages and hanging out in a stunningly tranquil location before paddling back to base.

At the end of the paddle most clients simply carry the canoes back up to their storage location post paddle and leave them securely padlocked. If, however, you believe that carrying the canoes back to their storage point is going to be too physical for you, just let us know - at latest when you hand the paddles and buoyancy aids in - and we will send two people down to secure them. It only costs €5 fee for this additional service.

The cost for this product is: Canoes: €20 / person (based on 2-3 people per canoe) and Kayaks: €45 / person.

FYI: Since we have canoes in-situ at this location, it is much easier for us to run this product using canoes but it is also possible to hire kayaks if we know that you want this in advance.

Included within that price is a buoyancy aid and paddle and, for those using kayaks, a spraydeck if you wish.


Rental prices are charged in advance. 
To rent equipment from us, you need to present an ID and provide contact details.
The renter is obliged to return the rental equipment at the end of the rental period. Late returns will incur an additional charge according to the price list.
The use of rental equipment is always at the tenant's own risk. The condition of the equipment is always checked before rental and upon return (or, in the case of the canoes at the Suonttajoki put-in, at the point of next use).
The renter undertakes to return the equipment in the condition in which it was when rented and, if necessary, to replace the damaged parts or equipment. 
We also charge the renter for the cost of the repair itself.
Lost / non-returned items incur the full cost of the replacement of that item.

Using the equipment in the way that it is designed should not result in damages. However, you can purchase peace of mind kit hire insurance that can reduce the first €100 of your liability against any repair costs that might be needed post rental @ €10/day (see below).

Launchings and Landings:

Kayaks must be 100% floating when loading. Take extra caution to approach all landings slowly to minimize scraping the boats gelcoat. Under no circumstances are boats to be dragged any distance along the shore. If you need help carrying a kayak when launching or upon return, please get help. Tie the boat to the shore if you need to leave it for a few minutes to get help to carry it but that is always preferable to dragging a boat across the rocks.

Kayaks are not to be towed behind any vessel. Towing a kayak could cause irreparable damage.

Rental Period:
We have high quality kayaks, and a limited number of them. Early returns are not refunded and late returns will be subject to applicable rental charges. You have to let us know if you are going to be returning late or a search may be initiated!

Solo Renters:
Generally speaking we do NOT rent to single paddlers. A person must demonstrate significant paddling experience and expertise in order for us to allow a single renter to go out. They must also demonstrate an ability to safely handle the kayak solo to and from the waters edge. In the case of solo renters, they must leave us a more detailed trip plan and may have to demonstrate their ability to conduct a self-rescue.


Damage is defined as anything that is out-right broken or damaged to the extent that it will take staff time and materials to repair.
There is a difference between regular wear & tear and damage.

Wear & Tear Example: Minor scratches or wear.

Damage Example: Gouges down the structure.

The renter will be responsible for any damage or loss to the equipment that is rented from CAPE Lapland Oy (aka Hetta Huskies). As such we will require valid credit card information to be held on file until equipment is returned and checked in by our staff. Being in the kayak industry for decades we understand the difference between normal wear and tear and irresponsible use. If you, for instance, load your boat with gear and then pick it up by its handles, those handles will likely fail...hence you need to be pre-emptive with your care and treat it as if it was your own kit. When we have larger amounts of damage to the boats or paddles, we do not always have the skills, time or materials available to return that item to rentable use within the short timeframe of the kayak season...hence we may loose out on all future rental potentials and this is a serious issue for us given the small size of our fleet.

Furthermore, please note that under no circumstances is our equipment to be transported by boat or vehicle other than our own, and in the event of an emergency situation we must be contacted prior to making any arrangement for outside assistance from others related to transport of our equipment.


Customers are liable for:

Damage to a Canoe / Kayak / SUP other than that which could be attributed to normal wear and tear: On a case by case basis.

You can purchase partial damage waiver for €10/item/day (less for longer periods) to reduce your responsibility for the first €100.00 of damage to, or loss of, the canoe or kayak being rented. This simply provides optional peace of mind in case of simple accidental breakages.

Since you may rent, along with a canoe / kayak; paddles, buoyancy aids, throw-bags, spraydecks, dry bags etc, you can opt to include these in the first €100 of your damage liability waiver by purchasing the package option @€25/day (reduced daily prices apply to longer rental periods). This covers all items rented by one person in a particular rental period and will reduce your liability to zero against damage to, or loss of, any item within your package to the sum of €100.

These damage waiver contracts DO NOT cover intentional or negligent damage (eg dragging boats over rocks on portages / paddling rivers that are way above your competency level / using the equipment in a way that was advised against, etc.).

We recommend that you have your own insurance to cover your rental in case of bigger issues, including theft.