Short Paddling Adventures

Suonttajoki River and Lake Ounasjärvi Openwater Paddle

This fun but relaxing paddle, through stunning scenery, is a favourite after-work activity for our guides. You start right at our farm, where we kit you out with paddles and lifejackets (included) and then walk with you to the put-in point on the Suonttajoki River, c. 7 mins from our base. We keep two or three 2-3 person canoes at the put-in so that the river can be accessed easily, without much notice. If you prefer to paddle a kayak this is also possible, but these are not kept in situ, so there is a little more work involved pre- and post-tour for everyone, so please warn us ahead of time if this is your preference.

The small starting lake at the put-in is the perfect place for beginners to try out paddling techniques and to figure out how to get the boats to go in a straight line. As soon as the straight line has been mastered, it is time to meander down a very windy river. You will glide gently through reeds and bullrushes backwards and forwards down the river until you reach Lake Ounasjärvi itself. By that time, you will no doubt feel confident enough to tackle its open waters and head across to its far shore.

Our guided tours stop for a quick picnic break at our wilderness cabin on the far shore. This is a great place for picking berries and was even featured in the New York Times with photos of cloudberry collection followed by jam making! If you feel up to it, it is possible to nip up the slopes behind the cabin for a great view of the whole lake area.

NB: If you prefer to do this paddle unaccompanied, we will give you advice and maps and some tips on nice places to stop on the lake, (there is a great open-access fireplace just across the lake from the river mouth which is perfect for grilling sausages at) and we will anyway accompany you to the put-in to see that everything starts smoothly.

FYI: For larger groups, (7+ pax) we will need to take additional canoes to the shore since we normally only keep 3 canoes at the put-in so please let us know in advance. This is also true if you wish to use kayaks since we do not keep them in this location..hence the higher facilitation fee for this journey with kayaks vs canoes.

Facilitated Journey Price: €20 / person for 2-3 person canoes and €45/person per kayak.
Includes: Map and route advice including a recommended place for making fires and grilling sausages at the far shore of Lake Ounasjärvi, the rent of the canoe, paddle and buoyancy aid and a guide who takes you down to either guide you or to show you the put-in and explain where to put the canoe or kayak upon return.
FYI: If you wish for us to carry the canoes back to their secure location for you, post paddle, there is an additional €5 fee since most people manage to do this without issue.

Guided Price in Kayaks: Adults €75, Children €60, Families (up to 5 people) €200
Duration: 3 hours
Includes: A guide, hot drinks and snacks around an open fireplace at our wilderness cabin on the far shore of lake Ounasjärvi

Guided Price in Canoes: Adults €60, Children €45, Families (up to 5 people) €175
Duration: 3 hours
Includes: A guide, hot drinks and snacks around an open fireplace at our wilderness cabin on the far shore of lake Ounasjärvi


This is an alternative half-day paddling adventure close to Hetta. The main differences between this paddle and the Suonttajoki River paddle described above is that this involves a car transfer to the start, c. 6km from our farmhouse; the paddle itself is, therefore, also a bit longer and - most importantly - it involves a short section of narrow rapids. These are usually not a problem but in both very high or very low water, they can be a little challenging. Hence, if you are a complete paddling beginner, or think that finding your way back to base unaccompanied might be challenging for you, it is probably best to opt for the first tour or to book this as a guided paddle.

Once on the water, you will have a chance to get to grips with your craft before heading into the narrow strait / isthmus connecting the two large lakes. At some times of the year, this small river runs fairly fast so we will get out to have a look at the rapid and to talk through how to position your boat as you make the descent. Later on, in the summer, it may become shallow so we will again talk through how to approach any obstacles in the path.

There is one more narrow point to negotiate, under a bridge, before the waters open again onto Lake Ounasjärvi. Depending upon the speed with which we are progressing, there may also be an option to stop at our wilderness cabin during this journey when purchased as a guided tour. We return to the farm via the small, beautiful Suonttajoki river which meanders along in-between reed-filled banks to a secluded take-out lake c. 700m from our farm.

Guided Journey Price: Adults €95, Children €65, Families (up to 5 people) €325
Duration: 4 hours
Includes: Lunch in a Mökki on the far shore of lake Ounasjärvi and transfers to the put-in point.
Facilitated Journey Price: €40 per person
Includes: Map and route advise, the rent of the canoe, paddle and buoyancy aid and boat transfers to the put-in point.


We have a number of kayaks - including our standard plastic kayaks, a wavehopper, two K1s and a K2 - as well as stand-up-paddle boards (SUPs) available to rent from our downtown store (@ the Rysä) on the shores of Lake Ounasjarvi. (FYI you need to be an experienced paddler to rent the wavehopper or the racing K1s).

Whilst the downtown Rysä is definitely a convenient place from which to paddle for those staying in downtown Hetta, we have to drive in to town from the farmstead to sort the boats out on request and then to return to put the boats back away in our boat shed post paddle. Hence, we have a slightly higher fee for down-town rentals than from rentals from our farm to cover the extra time and petrol costs involved.

Lake Kayak / K1 Hire from Downtown Hetta €35
Duration: 3 hours
Includes: Sprayskirt, buoyancy aid, paddle.

Inflatable SUP Board Hire from Downtown Hetta €30
Duration: 3 hours
2-day and 1-week rentals also possible.

Guided Kayaking on Ounasjärvi Adults €75, Children €60, Families (up to 5 people) €200
Duration: 3 hours
FYI: This is the same price as the 3-hour guided journey starting from the farm, down the meandering Suonttajoki river to Lake Ounasjärvi.


FYI: It is possible to start paddling at the Rysä and to be taken out at the day kota on Lake Perilajärvi. This is a fun c. 3 hour paddle with one longish but relatively straightforward rapid between the two lakes.

Enquire for further details.


We have more information available about additional paddle equipment that can be rented, the 1 and 2-day river journeys we recommend, the longer river journeys that are possible in the area and our kit hire and transfer options to these rivers. Both facilitated and guided journeys are possible on many of the rivers and we can tailor make pick-ups to suit your needs.

Kayak Hire for River Journeys €30/day
Canoe Hire for River Journeys €40/day
Includes: Paddles, lifejackets, throw-rope / small dry barrels / sprayskirts, as applicable