There are a wide variety of videos available about the farm and dogs on YouTube but we have selected a few to show here, including our 'Introduction to Hetta Huskies'. This was made by James Mayer who came to us on secondment from the BBC. Not surprisingly, we put his talents to good use and he managed to make two short films whilst here. The first one (below) was targeted at giving clients a snapshot of life here. The second was more as a thank-you to his peer guides to give them a memory of their time here and to also show potential future trainees what life here is really like.

Welcome To Hetta Huskies

For those of you interested in the experience others have had with us, we have posted, here, a film made by a client from the first 5-day safari of 2015. It shows our dogs pushing ahead across the open tundra on a day when local snowmobile companies had turned back because of the challenging conditions and gives a good insight into how hard you might also have to work, if you find yourself in fresh snow or out in true arctic conditions.

1st 5 Day Safari 2015 Phill Woodhouse

Short Safari video by Gaby & Peter Reusser