Our Farm

Our farm is situated in the far north of Finland, high in the Arctic Circle, in one of the last great wilderness areas in Europe, on the boundary of the northern border of the Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park (Finland’s third largest national park).

Maintaining a farm to high standards is a very labour-intensive operation. As owners, we believe that we have a huge responsibility to provide a safe, clean, positive and healthy environment for all of our huskies and to manage them in a humane way. This attitude towards high standards is reflected in all aspects of our company and is part of what makes us stand out from all other farms.

We try to draw attention to the care of our sled dogs, (what they eat, where they live and what they sleep in etc) so that clients can learn to factor this in, when choosing a sleddog farm and mushing experience. We believe that it should be as important a selection criteria as the price of the tour itself (and our prices are at the extremely reasonable end of the scale, too) since we are saddened when we see that this is not given so much importance by many within the industry itself! We are told time and again that our farm stands out from most others in this respect.

As the only international industry standard, at present, we got our farm assessed by a vet against the MUSH with P.R.I.D.E. recommended kennel standards. We were not surprised to discover that we not only passed the standard required but exceeded the recommended standards in many ways. Hence, we gained their highest possible rating - Certification Plus. In otherwords, this is a symbol of excellence relating to the emphasis we put on the care of our dogs.

Learn more about this certification, here.

Our written dog files which include everything to do with the dogs from their behaviour to their vaccination and medical treatment records, running distances and basic obedience abilities are pretty much unsurpassed and a source of real pride. Learn more about the systems we have developed in order to care for and train our dogs, here.

So too is the fact that our kennel is one of the very few in Scandinavia with a 'no-kill' policy for the retirees and non-running dogs. Hence, all dogs here have the chance to live out their days enjoying a hard-earned rest.

(For four years, Transun UK's sleddog farm, Valimaa, in Kultima, c. 40km from Hetta, was also under our management and during those years, their dogs also benefitted from our no-kill policy and high dog welfare standards.)