Responsible Travel

We are committed to operating and travelling in a way that is culturally, economically and environmentally responsible, with a long-term sustainability focus. Sustainability requires a holistic view of our operation and its impact on the world we live in for clients, staff, local people and our animals.

• Our clients require a service that is reliable, affordable and sustainable. This requires consideration for the environment, community interactions, feedback and performance reviews.

• Our staff need to work within a stable, viable company. The security this brings is reliant upon sound, open management and transparent and participatory development programmes.

• Local people need to be able to rely on us to manage our dogs responsibly, to prevent escapes which would potentially jeopardise other creatures in the area, and to be able to provide a long-term service which will be part of attracting tourism to this region.

• Last but not least...our dogs need to live in a farm that has a secure, long-term future since they have no ability to input in what happens to them. Without this, their future is uncertain. For this, all of our efforts are united. They deserve the best home, the most stimulating working life and the most relaxing retirement that we can offer them.