Travel via Sweden

The nearest airport to fly into in Northern Sweden is Kiruna. This is about the same distance away from us as Rovaniemi in Finland - c. 240km / about a 3 hour drive but the bus connections from Kiruna are not so easy. Hence, if you fly into this airport, we recommend hiring a car. The easiest route is to drive to the border crossing at Karesuvanto, c. 60km from Hetta and then to follow the main road to the Hetta junction at Palojoensu. However, the more intrepid might like to follow smaller roads to the border crossing at Muonio and to take in the commemerative statue for the famous hero of the Serum Race - Leonard Seppala - in the small village of Eajala, en route. (This route is not shown on our 'underground' Hetta map since it follows small meandering roads and isn't recommended, for instance, for hitching!).

(You would also drive through to Narvik in Norway, and the Lofoten Islands via Kiruna. Narvik is c. 400km from Hetta.) If you want to stick to local transport from Kiruna, then take the bus to Karesuando with the bus company called Lanstrafiken Norrbotten. Once at the border village you will have to cross the connecting bridge between the two countries by foot.

Busses to Hetta depart daily with Matkahuolto from the Finnish side of Karesuando. Note that Karesuando at which point you will have to cross the border into Finland by foot. Busses to Hetta leave from the Finnish side of Karesuando and depart daily with Matkahuolto. Note that you may need to change busses at Palojoensuu

If you fly into Southern Sweden, then the train North (again to Kiruna) can be booked in advance relatively cheaply.

For more information on bus and train arrival and departure times see the following websites:

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