Northern Lights Night

Sometimes people try to book on our two-day mushing product only to find that we just can't fit them in for two full days of mushing but they still want a chance to get a little more involved with our world than it is possible to do when taking part in a day safari with the dogs. This product is then suggested as a possible alternative, particularly for smaller groups.

Our northern-lights night product starts in the evening of day 1 at c. 6.30pm and includes a short circular 9km tour on the first evening and a 30-40km safari on day 2.

We normally return to the homestead to eat and sleep in the traditional farm kota since people enjoy the chance to join in with life on the farm. Very occassionally, if the farm kota is full and you have no flexibility on dates, we may take small groups to sleep, instead, in a nearby wilderness cabin but this is not the norm.

Most people enjoy wondering around the farm taking photos, meeting and greeting the rest of the dogs or selecting a couple of retirees or pups to go for a walk with. We will have hopefully been able to feed the majority of the dogs whilst you were out on the Northern Lights safari but there is always the chance that there will also be the farm to feed! There is never a lack of things that you can help with on a husky farm.

You will sleep and eat around the kota's large central fireplace in a very cosy atmosphere. After dinner you will be free to relax and enjoy sleddog tales and food around the fire. On the following morning you will have the option to join in the morning farm routines around the farm or to help with some of the weekly jobs like brushing dogs, before setting off on your long days' journey across the arctic terrain.

If we spend the night, instead, in the wilderness cabin, we will just keep a couple of the dogs for company and the rest will be driven back to the farm to sleep in their warm kennels overnight. This cabin's terrace faces north so it is very easy to sit inside in cosy comfort whilst keeping one eye on the skies for the illusive northern lights. (Of course, if seeing northern lights in a wilderness setting is important to you, you are advised to choose one of the longer safaris since the more days that you are out, the more likely it is that you will encounter them!).

General Information

Number of Days of Mushing: 1 full day and one northern lights safari, starting at c. 7pm on day 1.
Please note: We generally only offer this safari to clients who cannot logistically reach us in time for a 2-day tour. Hence, please consider the 2-day tour schedule first. We may also suggest it as an alternative option if our 2-day tours are fully booked.
Price: Adults / Solo Sleigh Price: €600, Children €360.

FYI: The child price listed is only for children who are too small to drive their own sleigh but light enough to sit in a sleigh without really adding too much weight to the dogs. For instance, a light-weight 7 or 8 year old. We don't really recommend this option since most children would get cold or bored but we have occassionally had this request when there has been a younger child in the family and very occassionally have been persuaded that it might be appropriate for them to join the tour, at least in part, and to stay in the farm kota along with the rest of their family, overnight. All children old enough to drive their own sleddog team will be charged adult price. The youngest child we have taken in this capacity has been 10 years old.

Price includes: Guided farm visit, snacks, breakfast and dinner. Overnight accommodation in a log cabin / kota and c. 40—50km driving with the dog teams.

FYI: For those arriving into Enontekiö on the afternoon bus...

If you are scheduled to arrive on the afternoon bus and are desperate for a longer safari on your first day / evening, we MAY be able to offer a longer (eg 12km) safari that day but please don't expect this (and we are more likely to consider it later in the season when daylight hours are longer). This would double the length of the promised safari on your first day / evening and we would split the difference in cost between the NL safari and the 2-day safari and charge you €625 for the overall product.

Please note, though, that if we cannot accommodate this request and you arrive by bus at this time, you should first head into Enontekiö for food and to look around and then come back out to us / ask us to pick you up from town, later that evening.

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