Multi-Activity Holidays in Hetta

For some, the huskies are why they come to Hetta. For others, it is a combination of the dogs and the history, culture and geography of the area that proves the greatest attraction.

You can learn more about how to choose when is the best time to visit this area from the location part of our website. We also have a section about general winter activities possible in the area and the summer outdoor activities for which the area is known. One section also deals with the nature-based outdoor activities possible through the year.

This area is far more than your standard winter holiday resort or summer activity destination. Whilst you can still enjoy all of the normal outdoor sporting activities that the arctic environment has to offer, you can do so far from nightlights, bars and roads filled with cars. This is one of the purest places in Europe, surrounded by an ancient but living culture where people still live very close to the land.

We have 100s of kilometers of maintained cross country ski tracks, a downhill ski centre that is perfect for families, a snow castle to explore, ice-fishing to try your hand at and snowmobiles to test. For those who visit in the summer, we are in the midst of the last great wilderness area in Europe so there is plenty to explore by foot, bike or on the water for those who want to experience nature at its purest.

Finns see Hetta as a wonderful family resort. There is something to be said for a village in which many people still leave their front doors permanently unlocked and children leave their bicicyles around town without fear of theft. For visitors, everything is within walking distance of the downtown hotels, including the Sami nature centre, the downhill ski centre, various reindeer farms and, of course, our farm. Slightly further afield, it is easy to make day visits into either Sweden or Norway and to visit attractions like the silver gallery and Sami museum in Kautokeino.

Whilst you may prefer to organise your own itinerary whilst in Hetta, we have put together some example packages which end up being cheaper than you could organise them yourselves and which capture the highlights of what you can experience here within various timeframes. All of our packages include, at minimum, a visit to the husky farm - since it would be a terrible shame to come all this way and not meet our wonderful dogs!