Husky Guide Internships

Unfortunately, we don't offer traditional husky farm volunteer roles (apart from for local kids). Rather, we offer 1 month trainee placements and accept 3-month + internships (through CAMP Arctica Ltd), to complement our 'day in the life of' programmes, our more relaxed autumn-training weeks and our intensive guide-training weeks.

The internships and training courses are designed for those interested in either experiencing the world of mushing or developing professional husky guiding skills.

All internship programs offer intensive skills-based training and involve both theoretical and practical learning. Interns work alongside guides as they develop skills in everything from basic dog training to safari guiding, food hygiene, safety management, marketing and animal husbandry.

There is an application procedure to go through in order to make sure that both we and you will benefit from your time here and we make every effort during this process to ensure that you know what you are getting yourself into and that you will be a good fit within the team. Life here is intensely 24/7 dogs and whilst some of the work of a husky guide might be intensely attractive, other bits are extremely repetitive.

The standard placement length is three months, although we occassionally accept people for a minimum of one month. Those interested in longer placements or a gap-year experience have a separate application process and references will be required.

Veterinary professionals and building experts with skills which are of particular interest to us are obviously very welcome and might be accepted for shorter time periods than generalists. However, we also need well-rounded individuals who can turn their hand to many tasks.