Winter Activity Options in Hetta

Other recommended activities in and around Hetta, include :

Tour of Fell Lapland's Nature Centre and Sami Exhibition
Visit to Hetta Snow Castle
Sami jewellery-making workshop
Visit to Kautokeino, to Juhl's Silver Gallery and the Sami Museum Multi-activity winter adventure day packages

You can find more information about winter activity options in Hetta from the location information section of our website.

If you would like us to put a suggested week-long itinerary together for you, we are also happy to do this outside of our peak seasons, (December through March). Just let us know the length of time of your stay and the type of group you are in and we will send you a couple of different programme options that will help you maximise your time whilst here and save you time and money.

NB: The prices shown below are the prices which the activity organisers quote. Hence, they do not normally include transfers to and from hotels and, if you want us to put a package together for you and to liase with the other companies on your behalf, then we will charge, for example, for transfers to and from the various locations.

Nature Centre Visit

Hetta's Skierri (nature centre) is at the far side of Hetta village from our husky farm but it is well worth a visit. As well as being a nature centre, it hosts one of the biggest Sami exhibitions in Lapland called 'Vuovjjuš / Wanderers', which outlines both the modern-day and historic importance of reindeer in the Sami way of life.

It also hosts a variety of other exhibitions and events through the year and shows a number of audio-visual shows in a number of languages in its large auditorium. The smaller exhibitions profile the diversity of nature in the Arctic regions and the his-tory of tourism in Enontekio. In a children's corner, called Lil' Lemming, children can read nature books, draw, play games or play with toys.

The Skierri is also an important starting point for anyone interested in finding out more about the nearby Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, hiking and skiing trails, (eg, the Nordkalottleden Trail), wilderness hut reservations / keys, fishing and hunting permits and other wilderness services in north-west Finland. Its small gift shop also includes local area maps, maps of nearby areas in Sweden and Norway and nature books.

Programme Duration: As long as you want.
Price: Free if you go by yourself.
Price: €20 if you need transfers.

Guided Tour of Enontekio's Snow Castle

People travel from far and wide to visit Hetta's snow castle. Although much smaller than the internationally renowned ice-hotel in Sweden, it still has its own charm. Each year the castle is built from scratch, using specially designed architectural bal-loons that support the weight of the blown snow. Inside, tables and beds are cut from the metre-deep ice of the lake and carved to form.

Recessed lights create different moods for each room and there are plenty of illumi-nated ice sculptures to admire. For those who are particularly keen, we can even arrange for you to spend one night of your stay in the ice castle for an extra fee. Most, however, are satisfied to learn more about the making of the ice castle from the innovative 'owner' over hot drinks and cookies during the tour.

Programme Duration: c. 40 mins
Price: €8
Minimum group size: 5 people or €40
Price Includes: Guided tour of Hetta's Snow Castle, with hot drinks and biscuits served in the ice bar.

Sami Jewellery-Making School

There are two well-known silversmiths who live and work in Hetta, Enontekio. Both offer jewellery-making classes to small groups. Participants buy the ingredient com-ponents for the item of their choice and take the finished version that they, them-selves, have made, away with them. This is a great opportunity to spend some time amongst the locals and to ask questions about the way of life for those who still de-pend on traditional handicrafts for survival in this remote community.

Programme Duration: c. 1 hour (up to 5 people). Longer for a larger group.

Price: Adults and children (from age 7) €15 each, assuming that each person makes an item of jewellery. Family members and friends are welcome to simply watch.

Price includes: expert tuition in jewellery-making and a self-made piece of jewellery – eg, a pendant (chain, extra).

Visit to Juhls Silver Gallery in Kautokeino, Norway

Kautokeino lies about 80km North of Hetta and is the first village after the border crossing. It is the cultural capital of the Saami (trans-border) nation and hosts both the only Saami University in Scandinavia and numerous media and research-related institutions linked to reindeer herding and Saami. There is also a traditional Saami Museum that can be visited in summer or by prior arrangement for an additional €5. Not only is the town well worth the c. 1-hr drive from Hetta, but the drive itself is also spectacular. As you journey yet further north, the road climbs out of the ancient boreal forests of Hetta into the stark treeless landscape of the high tundra.

One of the key tourist attractions there is the Juhls silver gallery. This architecturally interesting building contains not only one of the largest collections of Sami jewellery but also hand-made designer clothing made out of natural fibres and a bizarre but beautiful collection of Asian tapestries and rugs. There are plenty of different room designs to wander through and for those keen to purchase some authentic jewellery, the prices are reasonable.

Nearby is a small sami museum and outdoor area with traditional dwellings. This is generally open only in the summer but when open, a visit to it can be incorporated into the program.

Programme Duration: c. 5 hours inc. transfers

Price: Adults and children: €95 / person.

Price includes: 1-hour transfer each way and guided tour of the Silver Gallery - and Sami museum when open. Multiactivity Winter Adventure Day Packages

There are a number of arctic activity-package options available...

The first two options - adventure mornings and adventure days - are targeted at first time clients at the farm. The last three options - a cultural package, an arctic sports package and a doggy-farm-package - are targeted at clients who have already participated in one of our multiday husky safaris. Whilst the first tours include mushing as a component of the package, the latter tours do not.