Adopt me please!

Click through from this page to the section of our website about adoption and sponsorship of our dogs.

Or click directly through to the sub-section about those dogs ready for a comfy sofa right now (shown in the images below: Soda, Timon, Mullers and Jopa).

We also have an app that can be downloaded to your phone (just scan the QR code) which gives a lot more information about the dogs. Please note, however, that for us, the danger of the app, is that we really do have a 'top priority' list that we are trying to find homes for, first.

NB: Whilst we would also potentially give quite a few other, younger, dogs (those that don't enjoy so much being sleigh dogs) away to the right home, we target here just the oldies who are most deserving of a chance to spend a few years on a comfy sofa.

We also have a section, within this part of our website, about the potential to sponsor dogs, for those who would like to support our efforts to give the oldies, in particular, a loving home into their retirement years.