Kids Camp

Kids camp is designed for children around the age of 8 to 12 and is essentially a fun, interactive morning or afternoon on the farm, working with and learning about the dogs and the pups. It is essentially a summer product, but it may also be possible at other times of the year, depending on staff availability.

The children will join in morning walks with the pups, training in the GEE HAW maze and on the agility course. They will learn about the importance of continuing care for the dogs and how we assess their health each week. They can help us to massage some of the older dogs and to do some obedience training with some of the gentle dogs.

Non of our dogs bite, but some are calmer than others. With 102 dogs to choose from, we can definitely find the right dogs to interact with your child to ensure that they get a positive and affirming experience.

We will introduce a personal challenge to see if they can find their way around one of our on-farm orienteering courses using a map. For older kids who are keen to learn, we will introduce a compass and they can explore the advanced course which heads out onto our 3km training loop.

If the children have come to us in the afternoon, they will be able to help with the preparation and distribution of the evening feed. This is something that three or four of the local children come and help with during the summer months since it is a fun time to interact with the dogs whilst also feeling useful around the farm.

Although this is a children-targeted product, families are welcome to come together and in that way, younger children may also be able to take part.

Kids camp is generally run in English although we may be able to offer it in Finnish or French for larger groups.

Duration: morning or afternoon on the farm
Price: Child €45