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Hetta Huskies is a wonderful family-run husky farm based in Finnish Lapland, 220km inside the Arctic Circle. As the husky arm of CAPE Lapland, Finland's Centre for Arctic and Polar Exploration, we offer a wide range of husky safaris. Please contact us for more details about either mushing in general, dog-sled journeys, polar exploration training courses, ski-and kayak-journeys or the family-based products that we run in various locations across Northern Scandinavia. Those interested in following the development of the farm and dogs will be able to find updated photos on our facebook site.


Hetta Huskies
Anna McCormack & Pasi Ikonen
Hetantie 211
99400 Enontekio

Email: [email protected]
Home: +358 16 641 590
Pasi: +358 505 772 762
Anna: +358 403 532 076