Canoe & Kayak Adventures

Even though Enontekiö is high in the Arctic, it doesn’t mean that the lakes are frozen year-round. In fact, many people come North to explore the wild and pristine waters of this rugged landscape between c. mid June and mid September. About 5% of the municipality's area is water since a number of large rivers originate here and there are also 825 small and large lakes. Key rivers include the Muonionjoki, the Ounasjoki, the Ivalojoki and one of the headstreams of the Tenojoki. The best ones for paddling journeys are described below. Even the name 'Enontekiö' is linked to water since 'Eno' is an old Finnish word for 'major river' and 'tekiö' is derived from the verb 'tehdä'.

Short Paddling Adventures in Hetta
Midnight Sun Paddling
Paddling Skills Courses
River Transfers (ie Facilitated but non-guided journeys)
1 and 2 day guided journeys
Longer or more challenging rivers

Late May and June, after the snow-melt, is arguably one of the best times of year for kayaking in Enontekio but paddling is possible through until the end of September, when the banks of your river may already be white, in the early mornings, from the early winter overnight frosts.

Most of the products and journeys offered here can be undertaken by either canoe or kayak, depending on availability. Canoeing (or 'open-boating' as it is often called) is a beautiful, elegant way of exploring the water and enjoying the wildlife and scenery and makes many of the journeys more accessible for families since it is easier for the stronger members of the group to support the weaker members when in canoes rather than in kayaks.


We have more information available about additional paddle equipment that can be rented, the 1 and 2-day river journeys we recommend, the longer river journeys that are possible in the area and our kit hire and transfer options to these rivers. Both facilitated and guided journeys are possible on many of the rivers and we can tailor make pick-ups to suit your needs.

Kayak Hire for River Journeys €30/day
Canoe Hire for River Journeys €40/day
Includes: Paddles, lifejackets, throw-rope / small dry barrels / sprayskirts, as applicable


Rental prices are charged in advance. 
To rent equipment from us, you need to present an ID and provide contact details.
The renter is obliged to return the rental equipment at the end of the rental period. Late returns will incur an additional charge according to the price list.
The use of rental equipment is always at the tenant's own risk. The condition of the equipment is always checked before rental and upon return (or, in the case of the canoes at the Suontajoki put-in, at the point of next use).
The renter undertakes to return the equipment in the condition in which it was when rented and, if necessary, to replace the damaged parts or equipment. 
We also charge the renter for the cost of the repair itself.
Lost / non-returned items incur the full cost of the replacement of that item.

However, you can purchase peace of mind kit hire insurance that can reduce the first €100 of your liability against any repair costs that might be needed post rental @ €10/day.

Customers are liable for:

Damage to a Canoe / Kayak / SUP other than that which could be attributed to normal wear and tear: On a case by case basis.


Using the equipment in the way that it is designed should not result in damages. However, you can purchase partial damage waiver for €10/item/day (less for longer periods) to reduce your responsibility for the first €100.00 of damage to, or loss of, the canoe or kayak being rented. This simply provides optional peace of mind in case of simple accidental breakages.

Since you may rent, along with a canoe / kayak; paddles, buoyancy aids, throw-bags, spraydecks, dry bags etc, you can opt to include these in the first €100 of your damage liability waiver by purchasing the package option @€25/day (reduced daily prices apply to longer rental periods). This covers all items rented by one person in a particular rental period and will reduce your liability to zero against damage to, or loss of, any item within your package to the sum of €100.

These damage waiver contracts DO NOT cover intentional or negligent damage (eg dragging boats over rocks on portages / paddling rivers that are way above your competency level / using the equipment in a way that was advised against, etc.).

We recommend that you have your own insurance to cover your rental in case of bigger issues, including theft.