Fat-bike, E-Fat Bike & Fat-max Rental

This section of our website is about kit available for hire. Day/Week - prices are listed but for hire-periods of two weeks+, reductions can be made. FYI: In winter, we put studded tyres on a number of our bikes and standard fatbike tyres in summer.
We also have a number of standard mountain bikes that we are occassionally willing to rent out.

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Hire Costs Fat Bike Hire Electric Fat Bike Hire Fat Max Hire
3-Hour €25 €45 €20
10-Hour €35 €60 €30
24 Hour €45 €80 €40
2-Day €65 €120 €65
3-Day €80 €150 €80
1 Week €125 €225 €125

Children's Selection Children's Fat Bike Child Bike Trailer Toddler Running Stroller Child Carrier
Per Day €25 €25 €15 €10
Per Week €125 €100 €60 €40

E-Fat Bikes
We have 3 x S/M E-fats, 5 large and 1 XL E-fat bike available for rent. Our larger bikes are 'S-Electros' from Silverback and we have both S/M and M/L 'Avalanche' bikes from Rock Machine.

FYI: Our E-fats are stored downtown in a heated store in winter so there is a supplemental €20 charge to the prices quoted for E-fat hire in winter, to cover the time and travel cost of going back and forth, twice, to issue and return them.

Adult Fat Bikes

We have 3 small, 3 medium and 4 large fatbikes available for rent. Our large fatbikes are either 'Charge' Cooker Maxi 2s (blue), Nakamura Mammut (black) or 'Salsa' Mukluk. Our mediums and smalls are again 'Charge' Cooker Maxi 2s although we also have 'Felt' DD30s (red) in s/m which has a different frame geometry.

Children's Fat Bikes

We have 2 children's fatbikes (suitable for a child from c. 8 yrs to 12 yrs) available for rent. These are both Scoop Half bikes from Silverback. We have one additional small children's mountain bike suitable for a 6-9 year old.

Fat Max Scooters
Fat-max scooters are essentially kick-bikes with fat tyres which we most commonly use for fat-max-joring with the dogs but people sometimes ask to rent them to kick around on them locally.


We are happy to give advice about suitable trails in the area, but some of our favourite trails are a bit too difficult to explain so if you just want a quick tester ride or if, indeed, you just prefer to have a guide along for a ride, so that you can get more help if you have mechanical issues, then have a look at the guided route options available.

Renters obviously need to follow any suggested itinerary at their own risk and agree not to hold Hetta Huskies responsible for personal injury, property damage, death resulting from accidents, loss or delay in any means of transportation or by reasons of any event beyond the actual control of Hetta Huskies, or due to force majeure.

FYI: We very much prefer for people to ride the bikes to and from our site which is just 4km from the centre of town, rather than to pick them up and transfer them since the majority of damage we have seen has been from inadequate transfer care. We can be flexible with rental timings if you need to add a little time to get to and from the trails from our location. We are happy for your vehicle to be on our secure parking for the day(s). In winter, you have the option of biking on maintained trails right from our yard.

When we are out biking we use apps such as rewindr or jahtikartta or karttaselain but local bike trail maps can also be found on 'ULKO' and we have a few routes outlined on our own app which you can access through this linkor by scanning the QR code on the side of the page.


A rack and panniers can be added to the fatbikes for a charge of €5/rack and €10 for a set of panniers per day. We have these also as an option for the E-bikes but from experience have found that clients often ride the bikes too fast on too bumpy trails, with too heavy a load when they are attached to the E-bikes and it can cause problems. If you are wanting to add a light weight to the racks for eg a trip to Pöyrisjärvi, that would be fine since the trails are fast and sandy. However, it is not wise to plan on using panniers as your main kit portal for, for example, Hetta - Pallas unless you are skilled at tightening bolts etc along the way.

FYI: Damage to racks and panniers are not included in the €10/ day excess reduction insurance but they are included if you purchase a package insurance.


The rental price includes a helmet and a simple repair kit: However, these can also be rented individually (for instance by someone who has simply forgotten to bring his helmet on holiday). We strongly recommend the use of approved helmets.

Basic Liability Reduction Insurance Higher Liability Reduction Insurance Additional Helmet Bike Repair Kit Lightweight Bike lock Rack and Panniers Roadside Rescue
1-day €10 €50 €10 €10 €5 €15 €10
Week €50 €250 €50 €50 €10 €75 €50


FYI: For anyone renting an electric-assist fat bike for more than one day, you will need to have access to a secure charging point (eg in your holiday cabin). Alternatively, you can book it as a 2-day rental but return it to us overnight and pick it up again, fully charged, the following day. Just let us know your preference ahead of time since we will have to send charging ports with you if you wish to charge it in your location.

You will also need to take a bike-lock with you but, since most people do not want to cycle with huge locks, the locks we can provide for an additional overnight fee of €2pday/€10/week are not the most theft-proof on the market. Hence, since you will be responsible for the safety of the bikes in your care, you will need to be able to lock them in a secure location.

For 2-day+ rentals we will require a damage deposit in the form of credit card charge plus the driver’s license / photo ID of one member of the party.

Any deposit given by the customer shall be applied to the balance and guarantee the faithful performance of all the provisions of this agreement and all repairs necessary to said equipment. If any action is brought to enforce any of the terms of conditions of this agreement, or to recover any sums due to hereunder, the customer agrees to pay all legal fees, court costs, or other expenses.


Rental prices are charged in advance. 
To rent equipment from us, you need to present an ID and provide contact details.
The renter is obliged to return the rental equipment at the end of the rental period. Late returns will incur an additional charge according to the price list.

For more information on our rental terms and conditions, on your own maintenance responsibility and options to reduce your initial liability in case of damage, for roadside pick-up insurance and cancellation terms, please click here.


Essentially, we expect customers to return the equipment in the same good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear accepted, and to repair and replace lost or stolen, damaged or broken bicycles or parts or to reimburse Hetta Huskies for said equipment.

We (Hetta Huskies) will cover the cost of damages due to equipment failures beyond the renters control; i.e. damage occurred during transport by Hetta Huskies or as a direct result of worn parts. We are therefore responsible for structural deficiencies such as damaged frames, worn bottom brackets, suspension and wheel hubs. However, we are not responsible for the following occurrences during bike rental:

gear tune ups / punctures / broken spokes / broken chains / broken derailleurs / broken drop-outs / wheel rim damage / torn saddles / stripped threads on pedal crank / striped threads on bike racks (as a result of being over-loaded or driven too fast on bumpy trails. In other words, we do not accept responsibility for damage beyond the control of Hetta Huskies, resultant of rider use or misuse.

If you are undertaking a longer unassisted bicycle tour we strongly recommend that you have some basic bicycle maintenance knowledge. There is only one mechanic's workshop in Hetta and the next closest is likely in Ylläs or Levi.

For more information on our rental terms and conditions and on your own maintenance responsibility and options to reduce your initial liability in case of damage, please click here.


The use of rental equipment is always at the tenant's own risk. The renter must undertake to return the equipment in the condition in which it was when rented and, if necessary, to replace / pay for the replacement of, the damaged parts or equipment including the cost of the work needed to replace it. Lost / non-returned items incur the full cost of the replacement of that item.

Using the equipment in the way that it is designed to be used - eg taking care to put it down on the side that does not have the derailleur - is the best way to avoid damages. However, you can purchase peace of mind damage waiver reduction that covers the rental period @ €10/day. This covers the first €100 of damage and repair costs towards your bike that you would otherwise be liable for.

If you want to also cover yourself against loss of, or damage to, the pump, the repair kit, the helmet, any rented paniers etc), you can purchase a partial damage limitation waiver package which covers all items rented by one person in a particular rental period. This starts at €25/day but it reduces in daily cost for longer rentals.

More information about waiver price options can be found here.

A full price list of standard charges against broken biking components can be found HERE.


You can also opt to get an additional 'emergency pick-up' insurance in case you need to be rescued from a road-head and returned to the base because of eg mechanical issues during your journey. This costs a further €10/ day and can only be purchased on top of basic excess reduction insurance. We definitely recommend this for people attempting to ride, for instance, the Hetta-Pallas bike route.

In all other instances, you will be liable for the transfer charges incurred in picking you up from an unplanned emergency access point. FYI We cannot, also, guarantee that we will be able to pick you up since we do not always have staff and vehicles available, so you will need to call to agree a rendevous time and place should the need occur.

For more information on our roadside pick-up insurance, please click here.


For details about our cancellation policy, click here.