Hetta Huskies Snowmobile Safaris

No journey to Lapland is complete without the exhilaration of a skidoo safari. Hence, make sure that you bring your driving licence with you, if this is something that you are looking forward to, since you will need one in order to be able to drive. Those who do not wish to drive can ride pillion and children can ride in a snowmobile sleigh on the shorter journeys so that the whole family can enjoy this experience together.

Driving a skidoo on tracks is easier than you might imagine and is accessible to all, whilst driving off-tracks in virgin snow, is best left to the experts. Whilst our guides ensure that safety is paramount at all times, they also select an appropriate degree of terrain challenge for the skill and enjoyment of each group.

You can find more information about general winter activities which are possible in this area from the location information section of our website.

You can also find more information about snowmobile trails and snowmobiling in enontekiö in general from this same part of our website.

Our most popular tour options are outlined here.

Hetta Trails Palojoki Wilderness Tour Northern Lights Tour High Tundra Trails
Distance 20km 40km 20km 70-90km
Overall Product Length 1.5 hours 2-3 hours 1.5 hours c. 5 hours
Price per adult: Shared Snowmobile €70 €120 €100 €180
Price per adult Solo Snowmobile, High Season €140 €240 €165 €300
Price per adult Solo Snowmobile, Low Season €110 €200 €250 N/A
Adult / child price when pulled in a Snowmobile Sleigh €40 €75 €80 €150