A selection of the best blogs about Hetta Huskies...

We have our own 'Behind the Scenes' at Hetta Huskies blog that was started in December 2016. This is a collection of thoughts and essays by Anna and by key guides who have chosen to spend part of their lives with us. However, we have also had a number of guides and clients share their own blogs with us and some of these provide an excellent insight into life with the huskies in the far north. A selection of the best of these can be found below or on the pages within this section.

Responsible Tourism Visited Lapland in 2017 to participate in one of the meetings of the EU-funded 'Ethics in Animal Tourism' project meetings that we had initiated and this was their report, in blog format.

The best of our guides' blogs:

Not technically a blog but Josh has been featured on his university's Alumni page about his time working here.
Em's blog: Em writes about what it means for her to have the life calling to be a husky guide.
Doris' Blog: Written in German about a Swiss Mountain girl's time in the far North.
A recent podcast in which Anna was asked about what drove her to live the life she has chosen to live.
'Working Hard', Compiled by Evie: From her time with us as an Au Pair late 2013 / early 2014.
Eve's 'adoption' blog, winter 2013-14: About the adoption of one of our dogs.
Leah and Steve's workaway the world: A couple's experiences at Hetta Huskies and beyond. There are some great tales here.
Andy and Catherine's Adventure: This is a great blog about travelling overland between London and Australia. Catherine writes really well and captures her time at Hetta Huskies, en route, in a number of fun articles.
Lonan's blog: Be sure to read Lonan's article on life as a husky guide to provide a good overview perspective when combined with Em's.
Cal Flyn is a freelance journalist who spent part of the winter of 2013-14 at our farm.
Iona Inglesby got interviewed as 'Wednesday's Girl by 'Tease and Totes' and here is what she said about her life and her time at the farm working with (and drawing) huskies.
Gabin Desserprit's website talks, a little, about his time in the North, in french, and his video blog romances lyrically about life in the north.

Three great blogs by clients

'Hecktic Travels', National Geographic 'Traveller's of the year': Blogged about their time in Hetta Huskies.
Siroccoverland: 2 clients on an around the world journey blog about their stop at Hetta Huskies.
Fantasiresor: This is a Norwegian blog from a client, Sofia Zetterqvist, owner of Fantasy Travel who was just with us for a short white (she took part in our 12km Frozen Lakes safari) but who still managed to fall in love with the dogs and learn a little about life behind the scenes…
The Frei Clients: They have now taken part in two multiday safaris with us and have also been back to visit in the summer. They sponsor two of our dogs and have adtoped another so they are starting to feel like part of the family. In this blog she talks about her 7-day Arctic Mushing Adventure with us in 2013.