Skiing through the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Pallas-Yllas Fells area is more than 500 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails, most of which are serviced by machine. The ski trails are marked and open fell swamps and forests with a cross symbol with blue ribbon or blue triangles to the sides of trees. West Lawrence Mile Lake, Jerisjärvi, Pallas fell, Raattama, Ylikyrö and Hetta Village near the ski trails you can ski in the classical and skating style. Some of the trails are those remote wilderness trails, the bases of which are run only by snowmobile.

Route Description:

This route can clearly be skied in either direction but for the sake of argument, we are describing it in the Pallas - Hetta direction, here.

Starting from the Pallas ski centre, you descend (in the oposite direction from the start of the summer hiking trail) onto well groomed trails. Watch, after some time, for a path division to the right off what might be the best groomed trail. This leads into a section with quite a big and relatively tight downhill, at the bottom of which, you have a choice between two route options. The easier option to the left stays on lower ground and the right fork heads back uphill towards the Nammalakuru huts. From here the views are magnificant and very tundra-esque. The small Montelinmaja hut is just down a (pretty steep!) hill from here. Remember that you can take your skis off to walk whenever you like!

If you want to ski out from here to Vuontispirti fell hotel and wilderness section, it is possible to shorten the route at this point. Alternatively, continue with a pretty steep uphill and then downhill in the direction of Hannukuru, where most people sleep overnight.

Lapponia Ski Marathon

Each year the final race of the Lapponia ski marathon takes place from Hetta to Ollos through the national park. This is the culmination of a racing week with alternate days on and off. The rest of the racing days are primarily on tracks within the national park in the area around Muonio and Pallas. Lapponia Ski Week - Website

Hetta- Pallas Car Transfer Services

A number of companies, including ours, offer car transfers from one end to the other of the National Park for those planning to hike or ski its length. Ask for further details.