It is pretty easy for anyone living in Scandinavia to adopt one of our dogs and if you are looking for a certain type of dog (one that can run with you or one that is good with kids, etc), please do get in touch. We have some dogs here which we have rescued from other farms in the recession to save them from being put down, and we have other older dogs that could be retired but are just not in as much need as those shown here. Hence, do get in touch with your wish list and we will see if we have a dog that is suitable for you. We would rather that they go to the ideal home than that they stay running, here, if they are not that great as working sled dogs or if they are already on a reduced running plan from old age.

For those living overseas, it can be quite complicated, expensive and time-consuming to sort out the inoculations and paperwork needed to get the dog ready to travel. However, it is not totally impossible and, as you can ready on the lucky dogs page, we have dogs who have moved as far away as Colorado and New York as well as quite a few who have travelled to the UK or Central Europe.

Scandipet from Sweden can arrange for dogs to be flown to other countries (via Amsterdam). They are a lot better option than any company going through Finland.

Transferring through Sweden.

More information about Swedish Rules...

Requirements for bringing a dog into the USA

Measuring a dog for a box

A = length of animal from nose to root of tail. B = height from ground to elbow joint. C = width across musters. D = height of animal in standing or sitting-position depending on which one is higher.