About us

If mushing through Scandinavia's Arctic Wilderness is your dream, look no further than Hetta Huskies; Finland's Premier Dog Sledding company.

Hetta Huskies offers both short and multi-day safaris from our farm base, 220km inside the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. Whilst the majority of our sled-dog safaris meander through the northernmost reaches of Europe's ancient boreal (Taiga) forests, some of our multi-day safaris also venture up onto the high plateaus of the Arctic tundra.

Our farm started to operate in the winter of 2008-2009 and has become known as one of the leading farms in terms of dog health and welfare standards. Indeed, we are working hard to establish best practices and codes of conduct which can be replicated across Scandinavia.

Our commitment to high standards extends across every aspect of our business and we hope that you will not only enjoy our comprehensive website but also visit us and take part in one of our safaris. Many visitors have left stating that their time mushing with our guides and dogs was one of the most thrilling and memorable experiences of their lives.

In this part of the website learn more about us, the owners, our views on responsible travel and our 'leave no trace' partnership. For those who have visited us already, we welcome feedback and we are happy to provide updates about your favourite dogs.

NB: Those who have spent time with us are generally aware that Hetta Huskies is part of our larger company, CAPE Lapland (Finland's Centre for Arctic and Polar Exploration). Hence, if you are interested in products other than our husky-related adventures (eg polar training, survival challenges, ski-journeys, ski-mountaineering clinics or glacial travel courses), please go to our CAPE website for further details.