Donations and other Sponsorship Options

We have a variety of sponsorship options available for those who would like to contribute to the costs of running our farm and our commitment to keeping alive any dog that is happy and healthy, regardless of their ability to earn their keep.

We understand that most people cannot afford the real cost of keeping a sled dog in-situ at our kennel for a year (gold level sponsorship). Hence, we have a variety of sponsorship options available which you are welcome to either give in person or as a present on behalf of someone else.

Cage and Kennel sponsorships are at the more expensive end of the spectrum but come with a name-plaque that lives on. However, even small donations are very welcome. Everything goes back into the farm and dogs and they will appreciate any extra bone that comes their way!

Donations can be set up by direct debit or through paypal.

Sponsorship: €10

Level paw
Sponsorship: €25

Level pawpawpaw
Sponsorship: €50

Donations of this level tend to be put towards a piece of agility equipment which can have a sign beside it with your name on. The agility course is something that we are continuously developing since the young dogs in particular love to have fun on the obstacles in the summer months and with the older dogs we can use the easier obstacles to build trust.

Kennel sponsorship: €250

When we make a new kennel, it costs something between €200 and €500 depending on its size and whether it is a 'sick-dog' kennel (which can be accessed by a dog wearing a medical cone), a double cage kennel where dogs can sleep together or a single kennel. When you sponsor a kennel, we make a small plaque for the kennel with your name on it which will remain there as long as the huskies allow the kennel to survive! We will send you a photo of your kennel, your plaque and the happy dog that gets to live in a brand new home.

Cage Sponsorship: €500

Cages cost us something in the region of €500 to errect, thinking just of the materials cost and not of the labour. Underneath each cage, we have a long barricade of water-resistent plywood dug into the ground to prevent escapes through digging. Attached to this we have the four basic elements which we construct in pieces so that the cage could theoretically be taken down and moved elsewhere if need be in future. In-between each attached cage, we have 4 by 1 planks which prevent fighting through the wires. This may be on up to three sides of the cage depending on the cage configurations. On the front of each cage we have a piece of 4 by 2 into which bowl holders are screwed so that the dogs can be fed through a hole in the fence and so that they have constant access to water without the chance of destroying their bowls in the process. On top of the fence we have roof supports and a layer of wire to prevent escapes by climbing. Sponsored cages have a plaque with the sponsor's name on it and this donation obviously has a positive impact on the dogs' lives for a long period of time.

Although we alternate the dogs between running circles and cages, having additional cages which can be used when dogs have collar sores or need the warmth of an additional dog to sleep beside on super cold days is a big help.