Pasi Ikonen

Within Finland, Pasi's name is synonymous with adventurous expeditions, endurance racing and extreme skiing - although there is also another well-known Pasi Ikonen who is an international level orienteer, so that can get quite confusing.

Pasi started his outdoor career as a border patrol officer, training a commando troop and patrolling the Russian Karelian border with his trusted German Shepherd, Gordon (or Kortsu, as he was known at the time when they won the Finnish border patrol championships together).

He went on to be a full-time athlete for 5 years, captaining team Nokia Adventure and team Lapin Kulta to many international victories in X Adventures, the Raid Gauloises Himalayas, Ukatak etc. In the process, he worked closely with many international outdoor brands on the design and development of outdoor clothing and kit.

He is a ski guide (level 3 instructor) and also has over 10 years experience as a wilderness guide.

In Nov. 2008, Pasi left Anna at home to set up the dog farm, while he set out to ski for two months to the South Pole from the edge of the Antarctic ice-cap. When he and his partner, Poppis, arrived at the Pole on Xmas Day, they became the first Finns to complete an unsupported expedition to the South Pole and Poppis became the 12th person in history to have completed both poles unsupported.

It was not great timing, thinking about the dogs, since the expedition took place during the first season that the dogs were running with clients and Anna was left juggling an international-level job, 20 pups (born inside the house c. 1 week after he left) and a fledgling business. However, it was not an opportunity that could be turned down.

Nowadays, his focus is back at the farm where he takes care of all of the Finnish-language aspects of the business as well as the client safaris in the season.

Although Pasi has been sponsored by many companies over the years, his most recent sponsors have been Vaude, Spy Optics, Osprey, Scarpa and K2.

Background Overview

Outdoor Skills Emergency First Responder
Canoe and Kayak Guide (Finnish Canoe Federation)
Raft Guide (Finnish Paddling and Rafting Enterprise’s Association)
Ski Instructor (Finnish Association of Ski Instructors)
Survival Instructor (Survival Guild Finland)
Wilderness Skill Instructor (The Guides and Scouts of Finland)
Indoor Climbing Instructor (Finnish Climbing Association)
Tactical Rope Instructor (Finnish Parachute Regiment)
Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority)
Sub-Aqua PADI Open Water Diver
Ski Patrol Emergency Response First Aid (Finnish Red Cross)
Volunteer Positions Enontekiö-Kilpisjärvi Travel Development Project, Marketing group 2005-today
Edale Mountain Rescue Team 2004 - 2006
Suomen Latu, Wilderness Hiking Finnish Championships 2003, Course designer
The Guides and Scouts of Finland, Wilderness skills developing group 1995 - 1999
Survival Guild Finland, Board member 1996 - 1998
Finnish Karate Federation, Karate European Championships 1995, Security group
Professional Background Product development and guiding
Owner and Managing Director of Frog Adventures
Sub-editor and writer for Retki Magazine
Field Manager Harriniva Hotels and Safaris
Field Manager Tunturijotos Safaris
Field Manager Tunturijotos Safaris
Adventure Sports Expert and Consultant BBC
Marketing, Sales and Logistics Co-ordinator for the AR Team Lapin Kulta
Finnish TV (MTV3): Specialist Consultant and Commentator
AR Site Development Consultant for the UK Outdoor Website,
Instructor on the ‘Adventure Instructor Course’
Guide on 10-day long ‘Arctic Ocean Skiing Expeditions’ from the Eastern side of Finnish Lapland to the Arctic Ocean
Project Manager and Event Organiser: Talent Partners
Instructor: Wilderness Survival Courses, Glacier Safety Courses & Scout Camps
11 years as a Border Patrol Officer, 5 of those training and patrolling with a dog. Responsible for self-defence training (primarily jujitsu), tactical rope instruction (including helicopter – rope situations) and weapons instruction in his special unit and in his region. Finnish border patrol champion in 1998 in the annual 3-day competition designed to test physical ability and border patrol skills.
Second Lieutenant: Finnish Army