Video 'Blogs'

Some video blogs / insights into life on the farm shared predominantly by guides and friends of Hetta Huskies.

'Visit Finland', the official tourism board site': Profiles Pasi and the farm.

This was one of Lonan's: He wanted to make sure folk noticed the 4.30am start in the dead of the winter night.

Compiled by Evie: From her time with us as an Au Pair late 2013 / early 2014.

Lorin's take on working as a husky guide in Lapland.

Linda, our second guide from Latvia visited in the summer of 2014.

Compiled by Andrew: (Who is forever referred to as 'Andrew, I KNOW that'!

Compiled by Sophie: Staring the M Pups

Compiled by Cassandra: A Mexican in Finland falls in Love with Mojito (the grown-up M pup)

Compiled by Eli: For a School Project in Latvia