Doggy Day Care

If you need help looking after your dog whilst out a work, or if you are making a quick day trip into Norway and the dog doesn't, for instance, have the right to travel with you, then we are more than happy to look after them (whenever we have the space) between the hours of 8am and 8pm, 7-days a week.

Most dogs that stay with us stay outside, in a cage near to our house. Hence, if the dogs are visiting in the summer and you are not sure how they will react to the mosquitos if constantly outside, we recommend that you treat them with Bayvantic (which is also a deworming medicine and is easily available from the pharmacy), prior to arrival.

If you want us to feed your dog whilst it is here during the day, we are happy to do so if you bring your own food (since it doesn't make sense to switch their food for a day). Most people simply choose to feed them when they return home in the evening.

When dogs come to doggy day care, we ask that - for both their health and safety, and that of our dogs - they have been recently dewormed and have up-to-date vaccinations. Their general health should be good and they should be free of fleas and mites. If we discover that they need medicine to counter fleas or mites, once here, then we can do that for the cost of the medicine.

Please bring your vaccination books with you and make a note so that you can tell us which deworming medication you have recently used when you drop your dog off.

Price: €10 / dog / day (no overnight stay).
Price Reduction for more than one dog per family*: €8 / dog / day
*Reduction for 2nd dog living in the same cage. If the dogs require separate cages, standard rate applies.

Optional Extra Services
Nail Cutting: €12
Socialisation Training: €10