Shop & Kit Hire


Hetta-Pallas car transfers are extremely popular in peak ski and hiking seasons.

Cars can be dropped in either Hetta or Pallas and then transferred ready for your arrival at the end point of your journey. This is extremely popular in the peak hiking/biking and ski seasons.

Pulks, BC / XC ski sets and fat bikes can also be hired from us. For those renting ski equipment it is preferable to start from Hetta so that you have a chance to find the optimal boot for your feet. You can leave your car in our yard, transfer your kit to our pulks and then be dropped to downtown Hetta within the normal transfer fee charge.

FYI: If you need to return kit to us and do not want to bring it back yourselves, we may be able to arrange the car exchange for a specific time linked to when you finish for a small additional fee.

In the summer months we also offer transfers to put-ins and take-outs for river journeys (and, of course, the boat and paddle hire and transfer if needs be).


A range of equipment can be hired from us in both summer and winter.
Some items like the fatbikes and E-bikes can be rented year-round whereas other items are seasonally available.
Non-listed items may also be possible upon enquiry.


This is primarily a service offered to locals who want a high quality working food for their dogs and cannot find what they need in the local shops. We do not normally sell food further afield or in large quantities.

Having said that, we are sometimes asked if we can help those travelling in the north who need a resupply point for meeting their dog teams' needs. Hence, if you have a larger need for kibble or raw meat than just a bag or block or two, please plan with us well in advance to ensure that we can order additional stock to meet your needs when travelling through Hetta.

In our small but specialised dog-supplies shop, we sell a small range of harnesses (new and used), booties, paw creams and basic medicines for dogs. Hence, if you have a sudden need for something at a time when the vets are closed (let's face it..that is more time than not!), then we may be able to help...


We also have a small souvenir shop in which we sell a mixture of our own branded merchandise, husky-related toys and arctic souvenirs.

Over time we hope to set up an e-shop and local delivery service, but for now, folk have to visit us in person to see or purchase our wares.