Images of our dogs

You have now landed in the media section of our website. Whilst the 'dog gallery' section, which contains a little bit of information (age, character, heritage etc) about each dog, is probably of most interest, there are a number of 'hidden' galleries in this section, so dive deeply for maximum benefit...there is a lot more to this section than first meets the eye and all of our dogs can be found within!

FYI: Some of these pages are pretty photo-intensive so you will have to be patient, waiting for them to load!

For HH professionals, we have a 'quick' test to see if you really know the dogs or careful...if you try to cheat, you will probably get timed out!

The 'Our Puppy Litters' section, for instance, provides a detailed insight into each set of pups that has passed through our hands including pups we have sometimes fostered for the winter seasons. Each litter is profiled both by the year in which they were born and by the farm from which thir parents originated. In this way, people can build up a comprehensive idea of our doggy 'family tree'.

There is even a 'puppy challenge' section primarily targeted at guides to see if they can make the associations between their favourite dogs now and images of them as pups.

And, of course, we have a section honouring those of our friends who have passed away and now RIP . Maybe those who do not own or have not worked on a dog farm might find the fact that most farms with good websites have a section dedicated to those dogs which are no longer there, a little strange. However, these dogs were all part of our extended family and it is nice for us to be able to honour and remember them here.

FYI: Although there are many pages in this section primarily targeted at our guides and those who know our dogs reasonably well (it is a good learning resource for them), we hope that it might also be of interest to some of our multiday safari clients who also know our dogs quite well.