Shop & Kit Hire


This section of our website is in both English and Finnish since services like the provision of dog food are primarily for people living in and around Hetta and not everyone here speaks English.

We have both a souvenir and a dog-supplies shop on site and sell a mixture of our own branded merchandise, husky-related toys and arctic souvenirs and our choice of dog supplies (dog food, dog meat, harnesses etc).

Over time we hope to set up an e-shop and local delivery service, but for now, folk have to visit us in person to see or purchase our wares.


A range of equipment can be hired from us, in both summer and winter. Non-listed items may also be possible upon enquiry.

Hetta-Pallas car transfers (in which folk drop their car off at the start of their adventure and have it delivered to them at the other end, either at Hetta or Pallas), are also extremely popular in peak ski and hiking seasons).