Our Farm and Dogs

This section of our website is more about the 'behind the scenes' work that goes into running a farm in Northern Scandinavia and preparing huskies to become sled-dogs than it is about husky safaris. Those of you who have visited our farm in the past will no doubt love the gallery that features all of our dogs individually and tells you a little about each of their characters. And, if you are interested in getting your own husky, please look no further. Check out our 'adopt a husky' page about those of our cuddly friends who are ready to retire to (or who would just prefer!) a new warm bed.

If you are particularly interested in the history of sled dogs and how they were a central part of expeditions in the early years of exploration, then we have also put together some information on this topic since it is something that fascinates us. As part of this, we have touched on the lives of some of the great early explorers and have highlighted some of the 'famous' dogs from history that have helped to make huskies such a well-known breed. We hope that you enjoy this extra background reading as much as we have enjoyed researching the more unique parts of it!