Dog Hotel

Our doggy day-care and boarding service is for local people who need help looking after their pets from time to time. For this reason, this section of the website is also available in Finnish.

We offer a day-care facility for those who would like their pets walked, fed or looked-after during the working day, a boarding facility for those going away on holiday for a period of time and a recovery centre for animals post trauma or surgery.

We also act, frequently, as a holding centre for people who have tried to cross the border into Norway and have been stopped since their pet's papers have not been in order.

Rules for taking dogs into Norway, Sweden and Finland depend on whether you are traveling from or to an EU country (

For more information about moving your dog between Finland and Norway, see here:

Essentially, dogs travelling into Finland from Norway, need Echinococcus (as well as all of the standard stuff) but dogs travelling into Norway or Sweden from Finland, do not.

When traveling to or through Sweden, a new legislation requires that you report your intended journey / transit in advance.

We are also happy to sell the high quality dog food which we use for our own dogs to others in the area. We can always provide working-dog quailty food and puppy food upon request. We use a mixture of meat (which comes in 10 - 15kg blocks, depending on the current supplier) and kibble.