Older Working Sleddog
Gender: Spayed Female
Origin: Bred In-House, HH's Own
Microship Number: 900032002921859
Weight: 18
Born: 10/11/2008
More About Me:
I am from Princess’ 1st litter of pups and you pronounce my name 'sherry'. Don’t let my cuddly image fool you I am a little madam and full of energy. I got my name from one of Minna’s children (from the reindeer farm). I am very friendly but easily distracted by food. I do have a weak front leg so keep an eye on me and give me a rest if I start limping!
Safari Distance Category: 12km max
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 10,985km
Season Rank: 211th / 224
Usual Position: Team Dog
Mother x Father: HH Princess / HH Chocolate
Siblings: Comet, Merlin 1, Malla, Atlas, Suka, Arrow.
Usual Feeding Categories: Big dog
Usual Partner: Almost anyone as she gets older - Hazel, Indigo, Kurpitsa, Minnie, Okra, Storm, Taiga, Venla, Yena, (Diva, Koukoun, Samu, Tuuli, Sila), Benji, Bran, Pegasos
Bad Combination With: Matsku, Sanna, Cloud