Mountain and Glacier Courses

On glacier courses and treks you will get a unique opportunity to explore the landscape of glaciers and to experience ice-age scenery. The closest glaciers to Finland are in northern Norway, only a few kilometers across the Norwegian border. AGM offers a 2-day mini-course for skiers, a 5-day comprehensive glacier course and guided day trips onto the glacier.


To participate in any of the summer glacier trips or courses, you will need personal trekking gear and rigid hiking boots (the boots do not need to be mountain boots – good hiking boots will suffice).

On courses targeted at skiers you will also need your own ski-touring equipment; ie, strap-adapters for alpine skis or telemark skis and climbing skins. Snowboarders will need snow-shoes for ascents.

Glacier Course

Our comprehensive five-day glacier course will provide you with all of the tools and techniques needed to move safely and independently on glaciers. You learn how to use ice-axes, crampons, ropes and other glacier-safety equipment optimally whilst going through modules on snow and ice anchors, crevasse rescue, ice climbing, choosing a safe route on ice and snow, glacial navigation in bad conditions and moving together as a rope-team.

This course is an appropriate length for those new to the glacial environment and for those wanting a more in-depth look at some of the critical skills involved in glacial movement. There will be plenty of time in the evening to explore some of the theory behind each of the modules in more depth.

Place: The course is held on the Steindalen glacier in the Lyngen Alps
Time: June - September
Duration: 5 days
Number of participants: 4 - 6
Price: 490 Euros per person
Price includes: guiding, required glacier equipment (excluding boots).

Glacier Course for Skiers

This shorter glacier course is targeted at those wanting to gain the basic glacier knowledge necessary for safe glacier skiing – or, indeed, for those who simply want a quick refresher. We will go through how to make a rope team and moving together on ropes, snow and ice anchors and how to utilise these in a crevasse-rescue scenario and safe glacier navigation and movement, even in ‘white-out’ conditions.

Place: Lyngen, northern Norway
Time: February - May
Duration: 3 days
Number of participants: 2 - 6
Price: 360 Euros per person
Price includes: guiding, required avalanche and glacier equipment.

Glacier Trek

Our Glacial Trek is about pure enjoyment and you need no previous glacial experience to participate.

Whilst walking as a rope team through the breathtaking glacial labyrinth of towering ice-walls and underlying crevasses, you will have plenty of time to learn about glacial scenery and arctic nature. Glacial terrain is quite unique and the scenery within a glacier, both awe-inspiring and enchanting. You need no previous glacial experience to take part in one of these treks.

Place: Lyngen, northern Norway
Time: February - September
Duration: 1 day
Number of participants: 4-10
Price: 75 Euros per person
Price includes: guiding, required avalanche and glacier equipment.