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    Back-country Skiing | Ski-Mountaineering & Heli-Skiing |

    Back-Country Skiing

    Skiers with back-country skis should also check out the Käsivarsi and Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Areas.

    There are no maintained skiing trails in the wilderness areas (Pöyrisjärvi, Tarvantovaara, Käsivarsi, Pulju etc), but it is permitted throughout and you can ski along snowmobile tracks which are increasingly more solid underfoot as you progress through the Spring.

    There is a track from the village of Palojärvi to Salvasjärvi and another from Kaaresuvanto to Syväjärvi. The Kultima-Leppäjärvi Trail can also be used for winter wilderness treks. The skiing terrain in the area is diverse; from the spruce forests and mires around the Yllästunturi and Pallastunturi Fells to the pine and birch forests of the Ounastunturi Fells. Ski trails are widest near the Hotels in Ylläs, Jeris, Pallas and Vuontispirtti, near the centre of Hetta Village and in the Ounastunturi Fell area.

    It is also worth noting that in addition to the trails below almost all the summer Hiking trails can be skied, particular highlights being the Hetta-Pallas trails and the Halti Trail – see the Hiking section for more information. NB: There is always a certain amount of risk when skiing in fell areas and skiers should be aware of and prepared for them. The wind can be bitingly cold and the trail is covered easily during harsh bursts of wind. You should never go skiing in fell areas without the proper gear. Ski trail maps are available at Skierri, Fell Lapland Nature Centre or they can be printed from the municipality of Enontekiö website.

    There are no maintained skiing trails in the wilderness areas although the snowmobile routes tend to be fairly well utilised (so long as you don't happen to go just after a lot of fresh snow). Find out more from our skiing page.

    Ski-Mountaineering & Heli-Skiing

    Whilst we have run a number of corporate heli-skiing programes (eg for Nike ACG and Lapin Kulta) in the Kilpisjärvi region in the past, the Finnish northern helicopters are currently being reserved for rescue and other medical purposes so this is a bit more challenging to operate without bringing in helicopters from Sweden.

    For those willing to invest the time and lung power, however, the ski-mountaineering potential in Kilpisjärvi in particular is great. And, closer to home, our guides often enjoy snowshoeing or skinning up Pyhakero and skiing or telemarking back down.