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  • Wilderness Areas in Enontekiö

    Enontekiö represents a wild, ancient and uninhabited Lapland, with vast wilderness areas, free-flowing rivers and Finland's only high fell area. The rugged and pristine nature is a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking relaxation in the pure air of the great outdoors and over 75% of the area is protected land.

    60% of all of Finland’s fell highlands are found here, including all the fells over 1000m high. Enontekiö also has numerous wilderness areas and 1 of Finland’s 37 national parks – the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. This is said, by many, to be the most stunning of them all, and you experience many ecosystem changes when walking its length. Finland’s national parks are managed by Metsähallitus, the Ministry of Forestry and are open to visitors without a fee. They are extremely well maintained by European standards with both freely open and bookable huts in all of them, some of which even have wilderness saunas.

    There are 40 fells over 1000m high include Halti 1324 m, Ridnitsohkka 1316 m, Ruvdnaoaivi 1239 m, Kiedditsohkka 1200 m, Urttasvaara 1200 m, Kovddoskaissi 1200 m, Loassonibba 1190 m, Pihtsosjunni 1160 m, Koddervarri 1150 m, Kodderassak 1150 m, Kuonjarohka 1143 m, Kieddoaivi 1140 m, Kahperusvaarat 1140 m, Aldorassa 1130 m, Marfevarri 1070 m, Tuolljehuhput 1080 m, Altovaara 1060 m, Kuojarvarri 1060 m, Meekovaara 1050 m, Saana 1029 m, Jollanoaivi 1029 m, Toskalharji 1026 m, Tiarbmesvarri 1024 m, Aldovaggenmuvra 1020 m, Jeärneoaivi 1010 m, Urtaspahta 1010 m and Veäjehoaivi 1000 m etc.

    Although the Pallas-Ounas National Park has been a popular Finnish outdoor destination for a long time, most of the area is still fairly remote and relatively unknown. However, there has recently been a noticeable increase in the number of new, young and active tourists to the region - particularly in and around the village of Hetta but also in the border area of Kilpisjärvi, the fells of Halti and Saana fell.

    Enontekiö’s Wilderness Areas include:

    Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area (1,280sq. km. Established in 1991) to the North and NE of Hetta
    Tarvantovaara Wilderness Area (Area: 670sq.km. Established 1991) to the NW of Hetta
    Pulju Wilderness Area (Area: 614sq.km. Established 1991)in the far East of Enontekiö
    Käsivarsi Wilderness Area (2 206sq.km. Established in 1991) in the far West,near Kilpisjärvi
    (Including) Malla Strict Nature Reserve (Area: 31sq.km. Established 1938) in the far West of Enontekiö

    NB: Some websites refer to the Pöyrisjärvi and Tarvantovaara areas collectively as the Enontekiö Highland Watershed Area. Still others also include the Käsivarsi areas in this definitiion so it can get confusing trying to piece it all together on a map!

    Outdoors.fi has information about how to get to the access points for all of these areas both by car and by public transport. The site also highlights the relevant maps for each area and where you can purchase these from as well as the area's history and nature.

    The following maps show how the Wilderness Areas fit together:

    Pöyrosjärvi Wilderness Area

    Tarvantovaara Wilderness Area

    Pulju Wilderness Area

    Käsivarsi Wilderness Area (inc. Malla Strict Reserve)