Adoption Questionnaire

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please take the time to read through the following questions and see what your answers are.

In this way, we can get a better idea about you and you can get a better idea about what life would be like for you and your new dog when you bring them home. NB: We take every effort to ensure that our dogs are kept in the best condition and their health and well-being is our number one priority, therefore we hope you understand that we want to ensure that this is continued in their new life. We are not trying to dig into your personal life but rather to suggest things for you to consider that a lot of people overlook when getting a new dog, especially a husky.

Battersea Dog's Home in the UK has a great factsheet designed to help you and your family think about the issues involved in deciding to adopt a new dog.

Battersea caution that giving a home to a rescue animal is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. However, it is important you feel ready for, and understand, the commitment of taking on another life which will be totally dependent on you.

Questions to Challenge Yourself With:

Please download a word copy of the questions presented here in a questionaire and complete and return to us, if you are hoping to adopt one of the dogs...

DogAdoption Questionnaire

What are your reasons for wanting a dog?
Do you own a dog now/have you owned a dog before?
Have you had pets before?
Why are you interested in adopting this particular dog?
Do you understand their history and how it has and could affect their behaviour?

Who are you adopting this dog for?
If it’s for somebody else, do they know you are doing this? Do they understand the commitment a dog requires? Are they willing to undertake this responsibility? If you are planning on adopting a dog for somebody else, we strongly recommend that you discuss this with them before proceeding any further.

What do you know about the breed you are adopting?
Huskies are often expected to look and act a certain way e.g. the way they are portrayed in films; however this is not always the case. We recommend that you research the breed to ensure that you fully understand what to expect. We have included a brief overview of the husky breed in the information pack, as well as a section specifically on our dogs; we would also be willing to answer any questions you may have about working huskies or, in particular, your dog.

Are all family members in agreement to adopting a dog?
We want to make sure that the dog you are hoping to adopt will have a stable life and family, therefore if there is any likelihood that you may not be able to keep your dog, it might be in the best interest for all involved to reconsider your decision.

Do you have any young children?
If so, do they understand how to behave around dogs? All of our dogs are used to children, however, the more nervous/older dogs may be less comfortable around more lively, noisy children and therefore you may be more suited to a younger/more social dog.

Where will your dog spend most of its time? Where will it sleep?
Although most dogs are happy to spend time alone, historically they are ‘pack animals’ and the majority of them enjoy the company of people too.

Do you have a secure garden/any outside space?
Huskies are very strong, intelligent dogs so they need a secure area if they are let outside unsupervised.

How many walks a day will your dog get?
Are there suitable places to walk your dog (e.g parks/beaches/woods)? Most huskies are unable to walk off the lead, are you able to accommodate this?

How much time will you spend with your dog?
If you work during the day, how long will your adopted dog be left alone for? Some huskies are totally relaxed being left alone but some may suffer anxiety as they aren’t used to this. Will you be able to give your dog a ‘settling in’ period or spend time reassuring them?

We try hard to house train a dog that is going to a new home but can’t guarantee that they will be, they may also need a small adjustment period when they come to their new home, will this be a problem?

A lot of our dogs have come from other farms where they didn’t have a lot of socialisation. Therefore they may never be completely comfortable with strangers, they are more likely to form a bond with 2 or 3 people. Do you have the patience to spend time bonding with your dog?

Are you hoping that your husky will be able to skijor/bikejore with you? A number of our dogs are retired and would be physically less able to do this; however some of our other dogs are still able to participate in these activities and would enjoy being able to carry on ‘pulling’.

Are you financially able to care for your dog?
Have you looked into registering with your local vet and getting pet insurance? All of our dogs are fully vaccinated, however, boosters are required every few years, and have you considered/made allowance for this?

We don’t spay or neuter all of our dogs so it is likely that your dog isn’t spayed/neutered, is this a problem? Are you willing to deal with any medical issues that arise with your dog? If you have chosen a dog with known medical problems, are you willing to carry out the recommended treatment in the event of a reoccurrence? Do you fully understand your dog’s health issues? We are willing to answer any questions you have about your dog’s health and will be completely open in our answers so that you know what to expect if you decide to carry on with this process.

Do you have anybody to care for your dog if you become ill or need to travel? Dogs are completely dependent on the care we give them and will need somebody to care for them temporarily if you become otherwise engaged.

Are you ready to make a long-term commitment?
Dogs can live or many years, often to 15 years old. We have a number of older/retired dogs who need a good home to live out their remaining years (although that could still be 5 or 6!), as well as younger dogs who can’t run in teams due to size or health issues who have most of their lives ahead of theugm. Please consider this when you make your decision.

If, having thought through all of the above, you are still interested in adopting - GREAT! We can't wait for you to get in touch!

And, for those of you who do decide to give a husky a final comfortable home, petfinder in the US has some great tips for your first 30 days together, post adoption, to make the transition to the new lifestyle easier for both of you....