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    This page provides details about the main hotels, cabin companies etc providing the 400 odd beds in Hetta itself. It does not look in detail at rentable wilderness cabins etc.

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    Hotel Hetan Majatalo
    This family-run and typically Finnish hotel in the centre of Hetta, just besides the hiking and cross country ski trails, is one of our favourite hotels in Hetta.

    Majatalo has been operating since 1924, and as such, is the oldest family tourism company in Hetta – now in its fourth generation. It has a warm homely atmosphere like an old-time, traditional inn with home-cooked Lappish and Finnish food, a downstairs gym, waxing room for skis, a peaceful northern-lights viewing lounge with a small art gallery and library and conference room. A small kitchen, laundry facility, Lapp hut and play area for children are also at the disposal of the guests. The central lobby, where guests tend to congregate in the evenings, has a cosy fireplace, piano, Wlan, public computer, souvenir corner and refreshments and snacks which can be purchased from the main reception centre outside dining hours.

    In the new wing, there are 27 spacious en suite rooms for 2 to 6 people and most have an unusual loft space with a skylight for viewing the northern lights from. However, there are some more basic rooms which share a communal shower in the hotel annex for those on a tighter budget. The saunas are constantly heated. Groups can also hire large bunk rooms in the old hotel and guests can choose between bed and breakfast, full and half-board. Since many guests are outdoor enthusiasts, the kitchen is used to making up great outdoor lunch packages.

    The only real drawback of Majatalo is that it operates in the way of traditional Finnish hotels with set evening meal times which are super early in the evening. This is designed to enable those visiting Hetta to ski to finish their hard day of exercise with a hearty meal and then to have a light coffee and cake opportunity later in the evening. Majatalo also has a set menu on different days of the week - for instance, Finnish reindeer stew on one day, and then Salmon / Pea / Vegetarian soup and buffet on Thursdays (as is traditional throughout Finland). So long as you approach it with an 'experiencing the culture' mindset, it is not a problem - (or simply take your room bed and breakfast and opt in for your favourite evening meals and eat out otherwise) but if you want typical hotel chain menus and timetables, opt for a different hotel.

    If you are arriving in Hetta by bus and heading towards Majatalo, then you will need to get off the bus just past the centre of the town (where there is the main supermarket on your right and Hotel Jussantupa on your left). Explain to the bus driver that Hotel Majatalo is your destination and you may be lucky enough to get delivered to the door. If not, you can get off at ‘Kunnantalo’, the Municipality Building, opposite Café Silja and from there, Hotel Hetan Majatalo is just a c. 200m walk up the hill on the street to the left of Café Silja. It is clearly signposted.

    Hotel Jussan Tupa
    Jussan Tupa Hotel is right in the centre of Hetta, straight across the road from the supermarket. The hotel has 32 rooms and a total of 58 beds. All rooms are en suite and are fitted with a TV, telephone and radio. There is wifi in the lobby, a pool table in the bar area – open each evening – a small swimming pool downstairs and public and private saunas. The restaurant serves Lappish food and can accommodate 192 people.

    Jussan Tupa is open most of the year but tends to close just after Xmas.

    Larger groups can book the wilderness restaurant / venue which belongs to Jussan Tupa, called Vuollikka. It is set on a peaceful and scenic site on the shores of Lake Ounasjärvi. Although the setting can seem far from roads if approached by snowmobile, boat or husky sled for a more wilderness-type feeling, it is also easily accessible by car.

    Lapland Hotel Hetta

    Lapland Hotel Hetta
    Hotel Hetta has 39 double rooms with shower/toilet, TV, radio and telephone in each, 16 hostel rooms with a shower/toilet and telephone, 9 apartments for 2-6 persons with shower/toilet, TV, kitchen or kitchenette and 2 rooms with their own sauna. All guests have access to a sauna, Jacuzzi and small indoor swimming pool (the whole package costs just €4 for a spa evening) year round, as well as an ice swimming hole in winter. Its dance restaurant and bar seats 352 people and its auditorium, 100 people, whilst its restaurant has a wonderful lake view across to the magnificent 711m high Pyhäkero Fell.

    Luxury Cabins and Wilderness Centres

    In Hetta or within 5km of Hetta

    Ounasloma Luxury Cabins
    Ounasloma has 13 high level holiday cottages in two different sizes close to the cross-roads leading to Alta, Norway, between River Närpistöjoki and Lake Ounasjärvi. The smaller cabins sleep 6 comfortably and the larger ones, 10. All cottages have a sauna and fully equipped kitchen.

    The owner speaks German English and Finnish and has 4 rowing boats, 18 bicycles, 30 kick sledges, outdoor maps, a ski maintenance room, an outdoor fireplace, a grill and smoke oven, life jackets and various kids' accessories like highchairs, a large outdoor trampoline with protective net, etc, available to guests free of charge. A boat with engine, warm winter clothing, fishing equipment and kids-carrying backpack can all be rented for an additional charge.

    Hetan Lomakylä
    Hetan Lomakylä offers versatile accommodations from rooms and cottages with showers to fully equipped log cabins with sauna for 2 to 5 people. Areas with electricity are also available for camping trailers and mobile homes. Hetan Lomakylä is located just 200m from the intersection to Norway (called Ruijantie) towards the center of village, on the banks of the river Närpistöjoki, near lake Ounasjärvi.

    Hetan Kota Oy
    Hetan Kota is at the far end of Hetta, c. 4km from the downtown area, and provides camping grounds, huts with accommodation space for 43 people in rooms for 1 + 4 people, bookable saunas and other tourism services including a restaurant and coffee area available to skiers passing close by on the ski network and a bookable wilderness cabin.

    Hostel-Style accommodation and Cheaper Cabins

    Paavontalo Holiday Village
    Paavontalo is a family-owned company that provides camping-hut-style accommodation for 44 people on the eastern side of the village of Hetta (Ounastie 350) near Lake Ounasjärvi and Jyppyrä. For those without a car, it is a little further from the centre of town than some of the other accommodation options, but nothing is very far away in Hetta so it is probably worth it for one of the best value accommodation options in Hetta.

    The accommodation is basic but very nice with a communal sauna, bathroom and common room. The cabins in this traditional location sleep 2-4 people and are equipped with a clothes drying cabinet, fridge, kettle and coffee maker. The showers and toilets are located in the nearby main building, where there is also a communal kitchen, two saunas and a heated bath tub. They also have a wood heated sauna by lake Ounasjärvi.

    During the spring season, Paavontalo offers full board in a large private dining room so that guests can concentrate purely on skiing if they wish and the ski tracks lead out directly from the cabins. More information can be found from: +358 (0)16 521 021 Email:[email protected]

    Hotel Majatalo
    As mentioned above, Majatalo also has hostel-level accommodation options available in their older hotel wings. Rooms in this category have communal bathrooms and shared living areas (and, in some wings, shared kitchens).

    Hotel Hetta
    As with Majatalo, Hotel Hetta's old hotel rooms are currently available as hostel rooms.

    Camping and Caravans

    Hetan Lomakylä
    Hetan Lomakylä, mentioned above, has camping trailer and mobile home spots on the banks of river Närpistöjoki.

    Hetan Kota
    Hetan Kota, mentioned above, is also a hiking and camping centre with accommodation for 43 people located just 2km from the centre of Hetta.

    Private and Wilderness Cottages

    This 55m² 6-bed cabin is located near Hetta by lake Ounasjärvi. only 1.5 km from Hetta Huskies. It is open plan with a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, sauna and shower, as well as TV, radio and both electric and wood heating. Outside there is a barbeque hut, rowing boat and the possibility to swim all year around.

    Villa Mäntyniemi
    Villa Mäntyniemi is an fully equipped holiday home which sleeps up to 7 people and is located at Majavantie 122, just 3km from Hetta village centre. The high ceiling cottage has a large living room and kitchen with two bedrooms, a bath, shower and toilet on the ground floor. Upstairs there is one double bed and one single bed. There is also a lakeside sauna. Tel. +358 400 693590 Email: [email protected]

    Närppä Cabin
    Närppä (48 m2) is located just 2,5 km from the centre of Hetta but 200 m from the next nearest cabin. It sleeps 8 but is recommend for 1-4 people and has a combined living room and kitchen with a liquid gas cooker and oven and basic cooking and dining set, a bedroom / dressing room, a loft and a sauna but it doesn't have electricity or running water. It is heated by gas heaters and / or a fireplace and drinking and washing water (there is a container for heating water in the sauna) comes from the nearby river. There is a dry toilet behind the cabin, and outdoor riverside fireplace. The indoor fireplace made of natural stones combined with 100 years old block walls and stuffed lappish animals gives the whole cabin an unique atmosphere. In summer, the cabin can be accessed by car but in winter you need to walk or ski the final 400m. Närppä Cabin is bookable through Ounasloma.

    Snow Castle

    Another popular attraction during the winter months is Hetta's unique Snow Castle, which is constructed each December and lasts until it gradually melts in the May sun. It is filled with ice sculptures and intervoven fairy-tale lights and the design changes yearly.

    The castle attracts c. 5,000 visitors each year and 20 people per night can sleep in its custom-designed rooms from c. January through April. Beds are made of the finest and purest snow, the bedframes are made of steel ice from the mountainlake and the bedding is reindeer skins, mattresses and comfortable sleeping bags.

    A twin room costs 110 euro/person and a single room, 149 euro. Prices include a tour of the castle, “sleeping instructions”, thermal sleeping bags, warm drinks, transportationto and from the castle (max 10 km, 6 miles) and of course the Certificate of the Polar Night. Staff are on standby during your stay. More information can be found from Hetta Safaris.

    Hetta Huskies' Accommodation Options
    We have a number of accommodation options available, two of which are in Hetta. The first is actually in the middle of our dog farm and is a traditional wooden kota - a circular log building with sleeping spaces around a central fireplace. The second is a wilderness cabin on the shores of Lake Ounasjärvi. We use these places with our package groups during the sledding season and therefore only make them available for rent to walk-in customers in our off season.