Blogs, etc., by guides & other folk who know us well.

Em's blog: Em writes about what it means for her to have the life calling to be a husky guide.
How Emily got hooked: From the early days
Another of Emily's: Did you get the bit about her favourite dog being Bino?

Not technically a blog but Josh has been featured on his university's Alumni page about his time working here which can be found here. He has also had an article wrtten about him by about him working here and his time working with sled-dogs in Australia, which can be found here.

Rhi did part of her undergraduate project from Southampton University with us and her final report is downloadable here:

Heidi worked with us through one summer season and part of the 2018-19 winter. Her blog from her first visit can be found , here.

Luke worked with us during the 2014/2015 winter season and he recently returned to adopt one of our Taïmyr's, Drizen. The duo are now currently travelling through Europe in a van and Drizen will eventually be able to retire in Luke's hometown in the UK. You can follow his adventure, here.

Lonan's blog: Be sure to read Lonan's article on life as a husky guide to provide a good overview perspective when combined with Em's.
Lonan's short story about life in Valimaa.

Doris' Blog: Written in German about a Swiss Mountain girl's time in the far North.
More from Doris can be found, here.

Catherine & Andy
Saying goodbye to Hetta Huskies may prove harder than you expect when you first arrive and get introduced to the all-consuming non-stop chaos of life as a husky guide. You can read their goodbye blog, here.

Jaelithe Swan is a former guide who has looked after our dogs on two separate occassions and who stays committed to their development from afar. When she wrote this article, the publishers changed a few things about it (number of dogs, length of stay, etc but the article is still nice.

Eve's 'adoption' blog, winter 2013-14: About the adoption of one of our dogs.
Eve's 'dogs on streets' blog: A photo-journal of travelling with her adopted dog.
Eve's main travel blog: Eve returned to Germany with our laziest dog, Hertz.

Leah & Steve
Leah and Steve's workaway the world: A couple's experiences at Hetta Huskies and beyond. There are some great tales here.
An Article written by Leah for The Bark
Another article written by Leah & Steve

Andy & Catherine
Andy and Catherine's Adventure: This is a great blog about travelling overland between London and Australia. Catherine writes really well and captures her time at Hetta Huskies, en route, in a number of fun articles.

Laurence's blog, winter 2014-15: Laurence has shared some of his thoughts about his time in the arctic, here.

Cal Flyn
Cal Flyn is a journalist who spent a number of months at Hetta Huskies working as a guide in the arctic winter of 2012. She has returned to us for a follow up in 2014 since, despite the drama of her resultant front page article in the Telegraph Magazine, she actually enjoyed her stay!
Cal's Website
Cal's blog
Her competition Win
Cal's arctic blog: including links to articles she wrote about the Sami as well as taming horses in Eastern Lapland etc.

Gabin Desserprit
Gabin Desserprit's Travel experience through Europe with a 7 months stop at Hetta Huskies can be found on his Flickr, also his video blogs romances lyrically about life in the north.

Dan's blog: Seems that he didn't get much time to write.

Tom's blog: Ditto the comment re Dan. He may have finnished the dream but not the blog.

William's blog: He didn't get much further than Dan or Tom.

Saskia's blog: Saskia has visited us twice. Her first time was when she was fresh out of graduating from medical school and in need of a 'break'.

Chloe's blog: All the best intentions but Chloe was too much of a social butterfly to spend her evenings here writing.

Mark Wrote about his time with us as a trainee guide.

Recommendations from other farms and owners
Northern Most: These malamute owners holiday in Hetta and recommend our farm. They sometimes even drop us a nod when there are rescues in need of shelter.