Boarding Kennel

If you are going away on holiday and need somewhere safe for your pet to stay then we are happy to board dogs from time to time. Our availability will depend a little on the season and what else is going on at the farm but please feel free to ask.

We have one indoor heated kennel available in our warm dog kitchen for dogs who are not so good at living outside. However, most dogs that stay with us stay outside - either on a running circle chain or in a cage near to our house. Hence, if the dogs are visiting in the summer and you are not sure how they will react to the mosquitos if constantly outside, we recommend that you treat them with Bayvantic (which is also a deworming medicine and is easily available from the pharmacy), prior to arrival.

We are happy to either feed your dog with the food they are used to eating whilst here, or to feed them with our own high-quailty food (additional charge detailed below). However, if they are only here for a couple of days or if your dog has a food allergy, then we recommend bringing their own food with you, since it takes the dogs a while to adapt to a new diet and our high-quality food is targeted at working dogs.

Your dog will be taken for a 10-15-min walk during the day and, if you want, we will be happy to incorporate them into our standard training program including time on our agility trail, obedience school and trail maze. We are also happy to cut your dog's nails, to wash and groom them or and to incorporate them into our regular weekly dog medical check or thrice-weekly heat checks whilst here if you wish.

Your dog's kennel and cage will have been cleaned and prepared with fresh bedding (depending on the season) for them prior to arrival. However, they will obviously be living near to our dogs, training in the same areas (if you want them to join in our training program) and interacting with our guides. Hence, for the health and safety of both your dog, other visiting dogs and ours, your dog should have been recently dewormed prior to coming to us, and should be up-to-date with their vaccinations, be generally healthy and free of fleas and mites.

(FYI: If we discover that we have to give them medicine to counter fleas or mites, once here, then we will try and contact you to see how you want to proceed but we will generally treat them and then charge you for the medication at the point of pick up.)

Please bring your vaccination books with you and make a note so that you can tell us which deworming medication you have recently used when you drop your dog off.

Price: €12 / dog / day (24 hour period) when using the dog's own food.
Price Reduction for more than one dog per family*: €10 / dog / day (with own food).
*Reduction for 2nd dog living in the same cage. If the dogs require separate cages, standard rate applies.

Price per dog / week with own food: €75
Feeding using our premium dogfood rather than your own food (generally a mixture of Powerline kibble and meat served with hot or cold water, depending on the time of year): €2 / day

Optional Extra Services (per day)
Nail Cutting: €12
Shampooing and grooming: €20
Administering Prescribed Medication (for instance if your dog is here for observation following a medical prcedure): €2 / day
Socialisation Training (using well-socialised dogs of our own): €10 / session