Husky Fatmax

Essentially, this is kick-joring with dogs on kickbikes with fat tyres (called 'Fatmaxes'. (If that still doesn't make any sense, hopefully the photos will help!)

Whilst you don't need any skills to ride a fatmax, and we will choose the appropriate dogs for how fast you seem to want to go, you will still need to be strong enough to steer and to know when to brake appropriately. Hence, this is recommended for those with a reasonable level of coordination and fitness. The very young would unfortunately not be able to look over the handlebars!

We offer this product on our 2km farm trail and the whole activity, including a farm tour, harnessing your dogs, the fat-max experience itself, and taking the dogs back to their kennels etc, takes about an hour.

This product is available year round with two summer we just need to make sure that it is not too hot for the dogs to run, and in winter, that the tracks are consolidated enough (since our 2km track is not used, then, as much as our 6km one).

Duration: The 2km ride itself probably only lasts about 15 mins but the preparation and take down from it, including the farm tour, will easily last 1hour.
Summer Price: Adults €35, Children €25.

Winter Price: Adults €42, Children €32.

NB: This activity is the same price, in summer, as our summer and autumn quad-bike taster ride, so if you have a larger group, some people can go with a guide on a quad, and others can try a fat-max or the go-cart-contraption.

We have four quads, 3 fat max and one 'go-cart-bike' contraption that can be utilised in taster rides. Hence, we can take 4 - 5 adults / 6 children with the quad (1 adult would have to be able to drive if we take 5 adults and the children would have to be small enough to sit in pairs with the guide), 3 people on fat-max and 1 person on the go-cart (with a guide). The child price quoted, therefore, is for children under 13 (as is standard for all of our husky-products) and at least two of the children have to be under 13 for our family prices.

FYI Also that we only offer these sessions during the small window of time when the ambient temperature is below 5C but the conditions are not yet ready for sleigh training.

2km too little?

If 2km is not enough for you / you want to try more than one piece of equipment, we may have to swap the dogs around in the middle but the additional 2km will only cost an additional €10/ person (Adult / Child).

Alternatively, join us for an entire morning or afternoon training session if you are here during training season (just before and after the main winter sesason, when temperatures are optimal for longer training sessions).

Morning or Afternoon Training Sessions with Quads, Trollcarts or Sleighs: Adults €75, Children €45

NB: When we are in the middle of quad and sleigh training season (ie before and after the main winter season), we generally train for a couple of hours in the mornings and at least that in the afternoons. We have had so many people book a taster ride and then want to stay longer or specifically ask to spend a morning or afternoon training with the dogs, that we had to come up with a price for this activity!

FYI: We only offer this during quad training season, (ie before and after the main winter season), when the temperatures are cool enough to do longer sessions with the quad.

Each team of dogs will run anything from 4km to 16km depending on where they have reached in their training programme before being swapped for new dogs so this quickly becomes a very hands-on experience as you find yourself helping to take dogs back to their kennels and build new teams with new dogs.

This price therefore includes anything from 4 - 16km of sledging or quad biking with the dogs (which may mean that you are doing circuits with one team or swapping teams and doing a shorter number of kilometer) since how long you choose to participate (ie. whether you stay for a full 16km with one team or stay through changing teams, is up to you.