Koiravaljakkoyrittäjät ry

This Press Release was released in 2012 following the establishment of the Northern Sleddog Entrepreneur's Association...

On July 12th 2012 many of the foremost entrepreneurs in the sled dog business gathered in Yllas to establish the Lappish Sled Dog Entrepreneur’s Association.

Why? Mushing is one of the biggest attractions that Finnish Lapland has to offer as a tourist destination. By setting up this new association, Lappish sled dog entrepreneurs will have a common voice and means with which to promote the national and international awareness and profile of this vital segment of the tourist market.

The association also aims to drive the continued development of sled dog businesses with respect to dog welfare and business quality standards whilst, at all times, linking these to sustainable environmental practices. In order for Lappish sled dog businesses themselves to be sustainable in themselves, the association aims to be at the forefront of cooperation between all of those with a stake in the use of Lapland’s wilderness trails and natural resources (eg local authorities, local residents, reindeer herders and other tourism-related businesses).

Pasi Ikonen, the group’s president said, ‘As independent business operators we each, individually, have no voice in the area’s development. However, as a unified body representing the sled dog business and, in turn, the continued development of tourism in Lapland, we hope to be able to make our needs and concerns heard at a local and national level’.

For further information, please contact any of the following representatives of the Lappish Sled Dog Entrepreneurs’ Association:
Pasi Ikonen, President: Manager of Hetta Huskies and CAPE Lapland: 0505 772 762 / [email protected]
Niina Pietikäinen, X: Harriniva Hotels & Safaris
Juha Lainen, X: Snowriders Safaris
Juha-Pekka, X:  Guesthouse Husky

Editors’ Notes

Lapland’s growing tourism industry contributes > 400M euros, annually, to the region’s economy; in the process attracting new businesses to the area and also providing critically needed employment opportunities to locals.  Sled dog experiences are one of the key attractions in this market and they also contribute significantly to the number of visitors who return to the area a second and third time.  In other words, the continued development of a vibrant and growing tourism market in Lapland is directly linked to the health of the sled dog industry.

Politically, it is hoped that the new association’s work will increase the recognition of the importance of the sled dog business to the area’s development at both a local authority and national level and to give a long-overdue acknowledgement of the needs of this industry to thrive alongside other Lappish industries.



1. The name and domicile

Lapland’s Sled-dog Entrepreneurs Association, based in Rovaniemi.

2. Mission & Quality Statement

The association aims to promote cooperation between dog sledding businesses, to increase the national and international appeal and recognition of such businesses, as well as to promote and develop the general conditions for dog sled businesses with respect for sustainable environmental values and dog-welfare standards, in cooperation with local residents, businesses, authorities and other stakeholders / interested parties. (* See below for propsed ammendments to the mission & quality statement)

To realize these goals the association may:

  • organize information and consultation opportunities re the association’s objectives and approaches to the area’s residents, businesses, property owners, government, etc.
  • to inform members of activities and services, to the areas of livelihood, and natural conditions, history, culture, current status and future plans of the various media through press conferences and organizing
  • develop and maintain web sites and social network forums providing other information about dog activities
  • carry out and coordinate the dog industry statistics, research and marketing, and publishing industry
  • organize training courses for members
  • promote employment for young people within range, by passing information about the activities of educational institutions such as dog shows and lectures, providing young people with work placements in companies and, where appropriate, in consultation with young entrepreneurs in the industry for those planning to
  • to act without remuneration as an expert koiravaljakkoelinkeinoon issues and give advice to this end
  • to participate in various association's purpose and the purpose of attaining development measures
  • to cooperate with domestic and foreign tourism operators
  • design and develop safe and sustainable businesses that are important dogsled trails with other nature-based tourism operators (such as horseback riding, hiking and reindeer farm tourism) with
  • seek to improve the accessibility of dog businesses, dog kennels for example, by connecting to existing tourist routes (such as tourism, roads and snowmobile trails)
  • manages sled-dog program services operating in the health and insurance-related matters
  • monitor and develop the quality of the dog business entrepreneurs by granting the application husky quality mark
  • organize activities as dog sledding events
  • Support its activities, the association may:
  • apply for funding and grants for public sector entities
  • implement and after authorization by the appropriate collections, jumble sales, raffles and entertainment
  • owns the supplies needed by movable and immovable property
  • accept grants, donations and bequests and to enter into cooperation agreements

3. Members

The association can be full members, support members, Contributing members and honorary members.

The association as a member to accept the dog with legal operating company that accepts the purpose. The association may adopt a separate upon application for active membership to any person or legal capacity, which operates in the same sector or industry produces a dog that support your products or services.

Support for membership can be accepted by natural persons, and incorporated societies, which accept the association's purpose. Support member has the right to speak at meetings of the association, but no voting rights.

A supporting member may be authorized natural person or legal capacity for a community that wants to support the purpose and activities. Supporting members have no voice, nor the right to vote.

Ordinary members, support members and supporting members of the board approves the application, which also maintains a register of members.

4. Resignation and dismissal

Members are entitled to withdraw from the association by giving written notice to the Board of Directors or the President or by announcing meeting of the association on record.

The Board may expel a member from the association if the member has failed to become due to membership fee, or otherwise failed to fulfill the obligations to which he is joining the association committed, or its conduct, or outside the association has substantially damaged the association, or no longer complies with the Act or the rules of the conditions for membership. Before the decision, the member concerned is given an opportunity to report on the adoption issue, except when the separation of the reason is the failure to pay the membership fee.

5. Membership fees

For ordinary members, support members and supporting members joining, and the sum of the annual membership fee for each member of the group's annual meeting to decide.

6. Government

Association is managed by a board consisting of the annual meeting elected the chairman and three other permanent members. The Board shall elect a vice chairman. In addition, the board meetings can be called by non-voting expert members. The association may be a board appointed by the executive director and other officials. Salaried employees are not members of the government, but the government can act as rapporteurs. Board of Directors for a term of time between annual meetings. The Board of Directors will meet the President or in his absence, the Vice Chairman, when they see it necessary or when at least half of the members demand it. The Board has a quorum when at least half of its members, the Chairman or Vice Chairman included, are present. Votes are ruled by an absolute majority of votes. The Chairman has the casting vote.

7. Association Signing

Association's name signed by the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the two together.

8. Fiscal year and audit

The association's financial year is 1.6. - 31.5. The association is the annual meeting of the activities chosen by the inspector / auditor and deputy auditor operations / deputy auditor. Closing of the accounts and the annual report must be given operation to the inspector / auditor at least one month before the annual meeting. Operation of the inspector / auditor must give a written report no later than two weeks before the annual meeting of the Board of Directors.

9. Meetings of the Association

Association's annual meeting is held annually on the date in September to November. An extraordinary meeting will be held when the meeting of the association so decides, or when the Board deems it necessary or when at least one tenth (1/10) of the voting members of the board for a special issue of the written request. The meeting is held within thirty days after the demand has been made to the board. Meetings of the association is a permanent member one vote. Support member and supporting member has a meeting to attend and speak. Decision of the meeting shall, unless otherwise specified, the opinion which is supported by more than half of the votes cast. Have the casting vote of the chairman, election by lot.

10. The calling of meetings of the association

The Board is an association meeting at least fourteen days prior to the meeting by letter posted to the member or by e-mail to the address.

11. The annual meeting

In the annual meeting the following items:

  • Opening the meeting
    Elected chairman, secretary, two inspectors of the minutes and if necessary, two tellers
  • stated in the meeting constitute a quorum
  • Accepting the agenda
  • the financial statements, annual report and the operation of the inspector / auditor's report
  • shall be adopted in the financial statements and discharge the Board of Directors and others responsible
  • plan of action, income and expenditure as well as joining and membership sizes
  • elected Chairman of the Board and other members of the selecting one of the activities the inspector and deputy inspector, or operation of one auditor and deputy auditor deals with other matters mentioned.

    If a member wants to have a matter before the annual general meeting, must inform the board in writing well in advance so that the matter can be included in the invitation.

12. Amendments to the Regulations and the dissolution of the association

The decision to amend the rules and to dissolve the association must be made at the meeting of the association for at least three-fourths (3/4) majority of the votes cast. The notice shall specify the rules or to dissolve the association. In case of dissolution of the association used the funds of the association, the dissolution as prescribed by the closing meeting. The association is suppressed for the same purpose.

Missing and Quality Statement Proposed Amendment Suggestions...*

The association aims to promote cooperation between and best practice throughout dog sledding businesses by:

  • increasing communication, information exchange and therefore professional support and operator unity between the businesses.
  • Develop, in cooperation with local residents, businesses, authorities and other stakeholders / interested parties, generally agreed best practices and mandatory guidelines for dog sled businesses w.r.t. sled dog-welfare and kennel standard.   
  • Develop, in cooperation with local residents, businesses, authorities and other stakeholders / interested parties, general conditions for dog sled businesses with respect to sustainable environmental values
  • Develop and incorporate a certification and auditing program into its mandate which incorporates best practices w.r.t. both dog welfare and the environment.
  • Inform and educate the government, as well as the public, on working sled dog and professional tour operations

It is hoped that by keeping those goals in mind, the association will act to enhance the national and international appeal and recognition of sleddog businesses.