Lost and Found Strays in Enontekiö

Hetta Huskies became the stray dog centre for Enontekiö in the spring of 2014. Cats and other small animals are sheltered by Kati Peltovuoma, Tel. 040 227 477, Ounastie 3187, Peltovuoma when waiting for their owners to find them.

Found DOGS

Let us know when you have found a dog and need to hand him over for his owners to find him: Tel: 050 577 2762.Please leave a text if we don't answer immediately since we might be in a meeting or on a safari. We will call you back as soon as possible. If you have already taken a picture of the dog in question, you can send it through to us on info (at) hettahuskies.com. We may immediately be able to recognise 'frequent offenders' (ie dogs who are allowed to wander and are frequently picked up by well-wishers) in this way!

In your message, please tell us:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your Location
  • What kind of dog you have found (if you know)
  • A description of the dog (eg gender, colour of coat and eyes, c. size, c. age if you can estimate, general condition etc).

If you can get the pet to us, that is great. If, however, you have no time or transport, we will come to you to collect it from you as soon as we can. We then technically have 15 days in which to find the owner or a new home for the animal before the animal should be put down but we always try our utmost to keep the animal until a new home is found.


Please let us know if your pet is missing by calling 050 577 2762 and ideally send an email with a picture through to us on info@(at)hettahuskies.com. Please include the following information:

  • What pet is missing (race / appearance, color, sex, size, whether marked for identification, colour of collar, microchip number)
  • When and where the pet was lost from
  • A picture / pictures
  • The owner's contact information (name, phone number, email address)

Please do let us know if your pet has been found.


Hetta Huskies
Hetantie 211, Enontekiö 99400

tel: 050 577 2762
email: info (at) hettahuskies.com


Please note that when you pick up your dog, you will be charged for its stay.

Standard daily rates, (as per a hotel dog) apply...

In addition, we will charge for any costs incurred in its rescue and care.

For instance, if we have had to drive to pick the dog up, both the mileage and time cost will need to be covered.

In addition, we will assess the dog upon arrival at our base and will then decide whether it is in good enough condition to go into a holding pen or whether it needs immediate care, first.

If, for instance, we need to wash and groom the dog to make it more comfortable...or to cut or shave away matted hair.....or to cut overlong nails...or to shave to clean wounds and then medicate, or to take the dog to the vet for treatment beyond the kind of first-aid treatments we can do in-house...then we will carry out whatever treatment we deem necessary and charge you accordingly.

Some of our standard treatment costs (eg nail trimming) are covered under 'optional extras' in the section about hotel dogs. Time spent taking the dog to the vet, however, is outside of our normal care package and additional charges will be incurred.