Summer Kit Hire

This section of our website is about Kit available for hire. Day/Week - prices are listed but for hire-periods of over two weeks, reductions can be made.

Canoe, Kayak and SUP Board Rental

We have 3 x 2-seater canoes, 3 x 3-seater canoes, 7 x touring kayaks and 3 x Inflatable SUP Boards available for rental. Additional kayaks and canoes (including racing K1s, a wavehopper etc), may be available for hire on prior request.

People tend to rent kayaks and canoes for river journeys. We can either guide you on these journeys, simply rent you the equipment or faciliate your access to the journey by transferring you and your gear to and from the put-in and take-out point.

Hire Costs Kayak Rental Canoe Rental Folding Kayak / Canoe Trolley Barrels, Dry Bags, Pelicases etc SUP Board Rental
Per Day €30 €40 €5 €5 / item €30
Per Week €185 €250 €25 €25/Item/Week €175

When you hire our water craft we also issue buoyancy aids, paddles and a spraydeck for kayaks if required. Laminated maps may also be available depending on the river of your choice.

For those needing a transfer to, or pick-up from, a river, in addition to boat hire (but without guiding) please look at the facilitated journey prices.
For those requiring a guided lake or river journey, please refer to the pages about guided canoe and kayak adventures.

Recommended Local Paddle: The Tranquil Suontajöki-Ounasjärvi Journey

FYI: This is the easiest facilitated journey option since the put-in is just 7-min hike from our base. As with all facilitated journeys, a guide will ensure that the boats are in-place for you at the put-in and will accompany you to the start your journey. The cost for this product is: Canoes: €20 / person (based on 2-3 people per canoe) and Kayaks: €45 / person).

FYI: We often have 2 to 3 canoes kept in-situ at this location so it is definitely easier for all concerned if you are happy to opt for canoes rather than kayaks for this enjoyable, relaxing, local journey.

Fat Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Fat Maxes.

* We have 3 small, 3 medium, 4 large and 2 children's fatbikes available for rent.
* New for the summer of 2020, we also have 5 electric-assist Fat Bikes that available.
* Fat-maxes are essentially kick-bikes with fat tyres. Whilst and unique modes of moving about town or exploring some of Hetta's prepared trails. We tend to use them as our first port of call when people are trying bike-joring for the first time.
* We also have a number of high performance mountain bikes that we are occassionally willing to rent out.

Hire Costs Fat Bike Hire Electric Fat Bike Hire Fat Max Hire
3-Hour €25 €45 €20
10-Hour €35 €60 €30
24 Hour €45 €80 €40
2-Day €65 €120 €65
3-Day €80 €150 €80
1 Week €125 €225 €125

The rental price includes a helmet and a simple repair kit.
These can also be hired out individually at €10/item/day or €35/item/week

FYI: For anyone renting an electric-assist fat bike for more than one day, you will need to have access to a secure charging point (eg in your holiday cabin). If not, the bike will need to be hired on a daily basis.

A rack and paniers can be added to the fatbikes for a charge of €5/day.

Using the bike according to the instructions is the best way to avoid damages. However, you can purchase peace of mind kit hire insurance that covers the rental period @ €10/day. The insurance covers all parts that you are liable for and all repair costs.

Other Summer Kit Available for Hire

* The satellite phone hire cost listed is the base hire cost. Phone-call charges are due on top of this.
* Our Avalanche Safety Packs contain a transmitter, probe and shovel.
* Whilst we don't recommend hiring boots for treks since you can hike most of the trails near here in trainers and are likely to get less blisters if using your own footwear. However, we have had enquiries about boot rental and have, on occassion, rented boots out. It just depends on whether or not we happen to have the right size available for you (we do not have a huge range of boot options other than in sizes 38-40 and size 43). Trekking Boots are rented out at €5 / day.

Iridium satellite phone Hiking Boots Hiking poles Climbing Helmets Avalanche Safety Pack Day Rucksack Large Touring Pack
Per Day €50 €5 €5 €10 €25 €10 €15
Per Week €150 €25 €20 €35 €85 €35 €40

Children's Stuff

Child Bike Trailer Toddler Running Stroller Child Carrier
Per Day €25 €15 €10
Per Week €100 €60 €40

Sleeping Systems

* The most common tent that we rent out is a Hilleberg Keron 4 GT. However, we have other models available.
* FYI: Unless you have your own sleeping bag liner you will need to rent one from us if you borrow one of our sleeping bags. * Rent of a multi-fuel stove rental does not include the fuel.

Tent Multi-fuel stove Summer Sleeping bag Winter Sleeping bag Closed-cell foam mattress Sleeping bag inner liner
Per Day €30 €15 €20 €30 €5 €5
Per Week €105 €55 €75 €105 €25 €15

Mosquito Protection

* We have both mosquito hats with inbuilt face covering and mosquito jackets available for rent (and hats available for sale)

Mossie Head / Face Protection Mossie Jacket Cover
Per Day €5 €5
Per Week €25 €25


Rental prices are charged in advance. 
To rent equipment from us, you need to present an ID and provide contact details.
The renter is obliged to return the rental equipment at the end of the rental period. Late returns will incur an additional charge according to the price list.
The use of rental equipment is always at the tenant's own risk. The condition of the equipment is always checked before rental and upon return.
The renter undertakes to return the equipment in the condition in which it was when rented and, if necessary, to replace the damaged parts or equipment. 
We also charge the renter for the cost of the repair itself.
Lost / non-returned items incur the full cost of the replacement of that item.

Using the equipment in the way that it is designed should not result in damages. However, you can purchase peace of mind kit hire insurance that covers the rental period @ €10/day. The insurance covers all parts that you are liable for and all repair costs.

Customers are liable for:


Flat tyres: 15 €
Broken bike chain: 25 €
Broken speed shifter or handle break: 50 €
Repairs in situ: 50 €
Broken display (E-fat bikes) 150 €
Other damages on a case-by-case basis:.

Other Equipment

Damage to a Canoe / Kayak / SUP other than that which could be attributed to normal wear and tear: €25
Melting of Boots: €75
Melting of Mitts / Gloves: €40
Ski Breakage per ski: €50
Walking Pole Breakage: €30
Small rips in tent or sleeping bag fabric: €20
Breakage of a stove part: €10
Breakage of an Avalanche transmitter: €25