Snow-Shoeing in Enontekiö

As with XC skiing, all the summer hiking trails are accessable (in one form or another) by snow-shoe during the winter but not all are maintained as winter trails, so - although their marker posts mean that you are unlikely to get lost - sections can have very deep snow (ie. you'll eitther need to use BIG snow-shoes or be prepared to work very hard).

In general it is considered bad practise to snow-shoe (or snowmobile) on the groomed ski tracks (as you will carve up the surface and ruin the molded classic-style ski tracks) which hard-core skiiers will find annoying. However in traditional Finnish style, even if people are anoyed they will probably frown on and about you but won't say anything to your face. But now you know that it isn't culturally appropriate!

The Kultima-Leppäjärvi Trail (25km)
The easiest place to set off on the Kultima-Leppäjärvi Trail is along a sandy road from the village of Kultima. The trail is a good day-trip route and leads through mainly lichen filled dry forest, but there are damper sections on it without maintained duckboards. The last 5 km of the trail from the River Palojoki to the village of Leppäjärvi is a dirt track and there are privately-owned cottages along it. The trail is also suitable for mountain biking.

Sights: At the trail's halfway point you can turn off the route and go 1 km north off the trail to Lake Pahtajärvi (a popular lake name in this area for any lakes bounded by steep faces). The lake is clear and surrounded by cliffs.

The Kaaresuvanto-Lavivaara - Syväjärvi Trail (20km)

This trail has its starting point at the village of Kaaresuvanto and it leads to Lake Syväjärvi via Lavivaara Hill, at which point it changes from a gravel road to a dirt track. The trail is marked with kilometre posts, as are all trails maintained by the Finnish Road Administration. The terrain is undemanding although it is a bit rocky at the Syväjärvi end. The trail is suitable for mountain biking.
Services: Syväjärvi open wilderness hut.

The Palojärvi-Salvasjärvi Trail (20km)
This is an old postal track which is maintained by the Finnish Road Administration and is still regularly used by locals. This trail, which is clearly visible in the terrain, runs from the north side of the village of Palojärvi to reindeer herders' summer cabins at Lake Salvasjärvi. It has kilometre signs marking sections of it but you should still take a map and a compass with you into this area to make sure that you don't get lost.

The track crosses over into Norway at one point, so you should technically have your passport with you. When approaching Lake Salvasjärvi the trail starts to ascend onto the tundra plateau landscape. The trail's end point is on the east side of Lake Salvasjärvi at Salvasjärvi open wilderness hut. The reindeer herders' summer cabins are to the south of Lake Salvasjärvi. The trail is also suitable for mountain biking, but it is demanding as there are great changes in altitude and vast mires.
Services: Salvasjärvi open wilderness hut