Our Location: Finnish Lapland

Since we are located 'off the normal grid', we have designed this section of the website to help you to orientate yourself relative to key towns and airports in Scandinavia.

Arctic Scandinavia

To get to us, you have to travel the last leg either by air or by road since the closest train stations are a couple of hundred kilometers to our south. Most years in Spring there are direct connections from Helsinki-Enontekiö but these are often announced late in the day.

There are only four roads running through the whole region: One leads west to where the northernmost borders of Sweden, Finland and Norway meet and continues on towards Tromso in Norway. En route, you can turn off towards Kiruna and Northern Sweden. The second road crosses the high tundra to our north before dropping down to Alta and the arctic ocean. The remaining two roads effectively head south, contouring around the borders of the line of fells that form the Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park. To our east lies nothing but pure wilderness for mile upon mile.

NB: The map we have developed, below, is probably the easiest way of getting a quick insight into the area's key airports for when it comes to figuring out a route to us - but more information can also be found in our 'how to get here' section.