Dogs that may soon be on the Adoption List

Dogs Soon to be on the Adoption List:

(H)alla (1st Jan. 2013)

(H)alla will give the best cuddles and loves attention. She came to the farm as a rescue dog and missed the valuable training sessions we provide for younger dogs. She doesn't run in a team very well and can be hostile with other dogs, especially girls. She will thrive in a one dog household and can be trained, by a patient trainer.

Ideal new home: Somewhere with no other dogs and with people who have the time and patience to do more training with her.
How would she deal with being alone during a working day: She is probably too young to be left alone all day.To what extent can he still do canicross in summer / go skijoring with me in winter? She has the energy for these sports, but would need to be trained.

'Valimaa' Dogs.

Unfortunately the new farm managers agree with the owners of the Valimaa farm - and, indeed, many other sled dog farms - that older dogs and those needing slightly more care or attention than normal are just a burden on the system. Whilst this may be the norm in the industry, it is pretty old school thinking and it is particularly hard when you have cared for and loved the dogs in the past. Hence, we have highlighted here the ones that we believe will have a question mark against their names in some of the next rounds of 'cleansing' of imperfections. Let's hope that we can instead find an alternative solution for them which will be hard to turn down - i.e. a new home.

Mimosa (10th Nov. 2008)

Some people think I’m the prettiest of my litter, and I certainly am a little lady. Other then whining to be let off my chain or bossing around my rowdy siblings, I’m the picture of a good puppy. I run very nicely and love to have attention, but I’d never pounce on you like Merlot. You can tell me apart from my lesser black and white sisters because I’ve got two white ’beauty’ spots on the back of my neck!