2-Day Polar night Safari

Your 2-day dog-mushing experience will normally start at 11am on the first day. We will issue you with arctic-suitable kit and clothing and then introduce you to the farm and dogs before giving you detailed instructions in how to drive a sleigh.

Once you are ready, we will teach you how to set up your own dog team. You will learn about the size of harness each dog needs, why your particular group of dogs has been selected for you, their individual characters, and where they each need to be positioned in the running line. You will also be shown where to put your personal equipment within the sleighs - and then we are off.

You will transition seamlessly from open marshland to lake, river and forest glen during your 2-day journey through Europe’s most remote landscape. And, you will not only discover many hidden gems in the terrain but will also experience the changing light of the Arctic days.

The soft light of mid-morning gives way to the mystical twilight colours and spectacular sunsets of the afternoons and then, for those who are lucky, you will run with the dogs under a star-filled Arctic sky guided by northern lights in the heavens above.

Most of our 2-day safaris return to the homestead at night and guests sleep on the farm in the middle of the dogs in a traditional kota (a circular round-wood cabin with a central fireplace). This gives you a unique chance to participate in the evening routines around the farm and to have a true 'glimpse behind the scenes' of life on a working husky farm. You can obviously opt out of doing anything and everything and just relax in the kota but most guests enjoy feeding, brushing dogs or walking old retired dogs and pups. There is a big benefit to the dogs of coming home overnight since they can relax into their own well-insulated kennels.

Having said that, we also offer some overnight safaris (for a surcharge) to our wilderness location. Most of the time this is to a place called Palojöki where we have a cluster of cabins (a client cabin, a sauna etc) on the edge of the remote Tarvantovaara Wilderness Area. There we will always ask clients to help with sorting the dogs out and feeding them prior to sitting down to their own food. In both cases you will probably be joined in your accommodation by a couple of the dogs who would like a cuddle for the night.

On the morning of the 2nd day, we will get ready, together, before exploring a new landscape. If you have spent the night on the farm, you will be greeted by a morning howl and then we will involve you in getting the dogs ready for their various programs of the day. If at the wilderness cabin, you may have a slightly more peaceful morning since you will be restricted to needing to sort out your own dogs. In either case, our standard schedule will aim to get you back to the farm around 4pm on the second day and you are, of course, welcome to stay and help with the evening farm feed, (although few still seem to have energy enough to take us up on this offer!).

NB: We have a couple of route options for this two day safari and will choose which ones we take based on factors like weather, temperature, how your schedule best fits into the rest of our bookings (eg, to avoid dog teams crossing too much on trails) and how fit you tell us you are / what your onward journey requirements are. All of the more detailed tour information available is downloadable here.

General Information

Programme Duration: 2 days
Number of Days of Mushing: 2

Available: From the beginning of January until the end of April
Schedule: This product runs through the winter (although the days are subject to change).
Price: Adults Solo Sleigh Price €700 (farm log-kota) / €830 (wilderness cabin); Seated Children (not really recommended) €435 / €495
Price as a 4-day Package: Solo Sleigh Price €890 / €990, Seated Children €600/ €700 (farm log-kota/wilderness cabin). (€40 single supplement per night if a single room is requested for the last night in the family hotel.)

(FYI: The child price listed is only for children who are too small to drive their own sleigh but light enough to sit in a sleigh without really adding too much weight to the dogs. For instance, light-weight 7 or 8 year olds. We don't really recommend this option since most children would get cold or bored but we have occassionally had this request and very occassionally been persuaded that it might be appropriate for them to join the tour, at least in part, and to stay in the farm kota overnight and maybe even access the wilderness location by other means of transport if the sledging day to there is clearly going to be too long for them).

Price includes: Guided farm visit, detailed driving instructions, lunch and snacks on both days, one dinner and one breakfast.

Also: Overnight accommodation in a log cabin / on our farm kota and c. 60—80km driving with the dog teams across the two days.

FYI: For those arriving in Enontekiö on the afternoon bus...

If you are scheduled to arrive on the afternoon bus but are desperate for a longer safari on your first day / evening than you can expect by booking the northern lights safari, we MAY be able to offer a longer (eg 20km) safari that day. This would double the length of the promised safari on your first day / evening and we would split the difference in cost between the NL safari and the 2-day safari and charge you €500 for the overall product. FYI: We are more likely to be able to offer this flexibility early or late in the season.

Please note, though, that if we cannot accommodate this request and you arrive by bus at this time, you should first head into Enontekiö for food and to look around and then come back out to us / ask us to pick you up from town, later that evening.

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FYI: The majority of our 2-day safaris stay overnight on the husky homestead where the dogs can be cared for in top end comfort. However, if you prefer to stay in a wilderness cabin, let us know and we will see if we have the capacity to offer this.

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