La boutique de nourriture pour chiens

Nos chiens travaillent dur en hiver et se repose en été. Ils vivent principalement dehors car ils restent des chiens de traineaux, et on s’engage à leur procurer le meilleur des soins. De plus ils doivent avoir un régime alimentaire riche en vitamines, minéraux et en lipides, cela varie d’une saison à l’autre. Nous commandons la viande et les croquettes à la tonne ce qui reste plus avantageux qu’acheter au détail sachant que nous avons plus de 200 chiens à prendre soin.

We are happy to supply this same high quality low cost food to locals who cannot order it by the tonne. If you plan to order regularly, we can, of course, factor that into our ordering schedule. However, if you just want food sporadically, it will just depend on availability.

Viande pour chien :
En supplément des croquettes, nous donnons de la viande crue sous l’appellation de MUSCH. Notre source Musch vend 15€ le bloque de viande de 10kg.

Harnesses, Dog Booties and other Dog Kit:

We have a number of new and second-hand dog harnesses available for sale in a variety of sizes.

A set of 4 dog booties can be purchased €10.

Necklines and other mushing and skijoring equipment can also be purchased from us.

Please enquire for more details.

Dry Food

We use Puhti's Zip food from hankkija and we sell 20kg bags out at 39,00 € (incl. 14% VAT)(1,95 € / kg, incl. VAT 14%).

Zip is a high quality, highly energy-rich food, which is ideally suited for strenuous exercise for dogs. It is rich in protein and vitamin E, which are essential nutrients active dog in everyday life. The product contains 4,0% dried salmon which provides essential fatty acids for the skin, fur and well-being of the joints in addition to very easily digestible poultry meat meal (hydrolyzed poultry protein). Chondroitin and glucosamine are also present to strengthen the functioning of the joints and as building blocks of cartilage. L-carnitine and taurine work together to support heart function and taurine also affects the dog's immunity, vision and fertility. Whole grain corn and rice are present as carbohydrates and the food also contains animal fat, poultry fat, sugar beet fiber, minerals, chicory powder and mussel meat meal but there is no wheat, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in the food.

Nutrients: muuntokelpoinen 17.6 MJ of energy, protein 30.0%, fat content of 20.0%,
crude fiber 2.2%, ash 6.6%, calcium 1.35%, phosphorus 0.95% sodium 0.45%, magnesium 0.1%.
Nutritional additives / kg:
Vitamin A 18 000 IU Folic acid 5 mg
Vitamin D3 800 IU of one of L-carnitine 250 mg of
Vitamin E 1 380 mg Taurine 000 mg of
Vitamin C 200 mg Biotin 000 mcg 1
Vitamin B1 15 mg Iron (ferrous sulfate monohydrate) 250 mg of
Vitamin B2 20 mg of zinc (sinkkiglysiinikelaatti, hydrate), 200 mg of
Vitamin B6 20 mg of manganese (manganese (II) oxide) 20 mg of
B12 100 mcg Copper (kupariglysiinikelaatti, hydrate), 20 mg of
Pantothenic acid 50 mg Iodine (calcium iodide) 2.50 mg
Niacin 90 mg Selenium (sodium selenite) 0.30 mg
Technological additives: Antioxidant: Tocopherol-rich extracts of natural

Pallet size: 39 x 20 kg = 780 kg

Product Description Nutritional information

Product Puhti Dog Food 20 kg
Crude Protein, % 30
Crude oils and fats, % 20
Crude fiber, % 2,2
Crude ash, % 6,6
Muuntokelpoinen energia, MJ/kg 17,6
Calcium, % 1,35
Phosphorus, % 0,95
Magnesium, % 0,1
Sodium, % 0,45
Selenium, mg/kg 0,30
Copper, mg/kg 20
Iron, mg/kg 250
Manganese, mg/kg 20
Zinc, mg/kg 200
Iodine, mg/kg 2,50
Niacin, mg/kg 90
Biotin, mcg/kg 1000
Vitamin A, KY/kg 18 000
Vitamin D3, KY/kg 1800
Vitamin E, mg/kg 380
Vitamin B1, mg/kg 15
Vitamin B2, mg/kg 20
Vitamin B6, mg/kg 20
Vitamin B12, mcg/kg 100
Ca-D-pantothenate, mg 50
Folic acid, mg 5

Recommended feeding amounts

Keep in mind that the values are only recommendations and the individual needs of each dog depends on its activity. Always provide fresh water.

kg Active dogs (g) Very active dogs (g)
10 135 180
15 185 245
20 225 305
30 310 415
40 385 515
50 455 605
60 520 695
80 645 865