Dogs Being Dogs

It is a strange (but, surprisingly frequent) person who comes on a dog safari and doesn't love dogs. Of course some people come for the pure adventure of travelling through the arctic landscapes by a reasonably accessible mode of transport. However for most it is the relationships which they make with their team which leaves behind the strongest memories. Here we have selected a range of photos of our 'dogs being dogs'.

In the first set you see Chocolate and Sausage, our very first two dogs. Sausage didn't run for the whole of the 2013-14 winter because of a limp and both are on the 'house' list when it gets super cold since they clearly don't have as much hair as some of the other dogs - including Mercury 'Mick', Anna's father's dog, to their right. Princess showed how brave she was compared to her siblings by marching straight up to the huge Mastif, Roi, when he was visiting our farm when they were all still pups. Monty is one of our main characters and jumps super high with joy when he sees you. Arvi, with the ball, is now an old man but still loves playtime and cuddles. Taigai, one of our T-pups still excells on the agility and sisters Saturn and Venus are closest in shot in the evening feeding shot. Eli is playing with Togo when he first arrived with us as a pup in the next shot, and then we have fluffy Eden, grumpy Halla, a sleeping Monty shot and a shot of Arrow and Trouble hanging out in the puppy Hilton.

The farm can be quite pretty in both summer and frosty winter, as you can see from the first two shots below. Suka and Olive are modeling the Hilton in this shot and then Timon wants to get in on the play action below, followed by Trouble back in the Hilton and a shot of Eli out at the Valimaa wilderness farm with Yeti and Houdini.