Blogs / posts in which the farm is talked about by clients.

A group of lucky teenages from St. Davids Catholic school in Wales, visited us for a 5 day safari and managed to capture some GPS data of their adventure. The data shows the elevation (relative to sea level) of the group, the speed in which the dogs were running at and the temperatures they were experiencing. More information and stats can be found, here and a graph of the elevation can be found below.

'Hecktic Travels', National Geographic 'Traveller's of the year': Blogged about their time in Hetta Huskies.

Kathleen Doler has since expanded her blog post about her northern adventure into a full arcticle for the Canadian Magazine Outpost

This is (the start of) a blog by Albert Pusch - one of our clients on the first 5-day safari in 2016. Both of the Germans who chose to take part in this first safari came because of their clear love of the dogs and it was a pleasure to have them join us.

Fantasiresor: This is a Norwegian blog from a client, Sofia Zetterqvist, owner of Fantasy Travel who was just with us for a short white (she took part in our 12km Frozen Lakes safari) but who still managed to fall in love with the dogs and learn a little about life behind the scenes…

Sofia Zetterqvist: Owners of Fantasy Travel.

The Frei Clients: They have now taken part in two multiday safaris with us and have also been back to visit in the summer. They sponsor two of our dogs and have adtoped another so they are starting to feel like part of the family. In this blog she talks about her 7-day Arctic Mushing Adventure with us in 2013.

2 Overland Travellers: Blog about the detour they take from Norway during their around-the-world landrover expedition 'Siroccoverland' just to meet our dogs.

Shane Dallas: The Travel Camel.

Fenne from Belgium: Blogs about a quick visit to our farm. This blog was from her first (summer) visit to the area

A blog by two folk who couch-surfed with us.

Enontekiö: in travel blog stories

Thomas Kast: Thomas brings groups to us each winter and talks here about capturing the elusive northern lights on film.

Another by John: We seem to get an awful lot of Australians on our multiday mushing adventures.

John Connolly: Blogs about flying in from Australia in order to hook up for a man's Arctic adventure with his grown-up son (based in New York).

John Conolly: Follows up his earlier article about his journey with us with another article, a year later.

Kevin and Anna: Blog about not following guide instructions and getting pretty cold fingers during a ride.

Mel's blog: Is actually mostly about a local garden. But then again, this college friend of mine is a bit nuts!

A french foodie blog...somehow incorporates our dogs.

On a testé pour vous : safari chiens de traîneaux en Laponie! Another blog from a client participating in a short day-length safari (our 2.5-3 hr, 12km Frozen Lakes tour).

Various from Vime: You never know what you come across on the web

Random Videos: about our dogs found on the web

Cyclists on long distance tours are welcomed into the farm for a free tour as they pass us by.

South Africans In Finland: A general blog about sleddogging in Finnish Lapland

Janne Zhu: Jia Jia Zhu from China Blog's about her visit in 2014.

Fenne has now visited us twice. This blog was from her first (summer) visit to the area.

Enontekiö: On twitter. Guess we have to start tweeting more.

Miia Narkki: Professional photographer and client, shares some great images with us from her mushing adventure.

Hetta Huskies on Twitter: Ditto the above.

Enjoyogram: Does the whole instagram concept ever stop?