Thank you to our partners for their long-term support

We (Pasi and Anna) have had the privilige of working with many great sponsors over the last few years. We have worked with companies as diverse as Lapin Kulta and Nike, Rab and General Electric, Proctor and Gamble and K2.

Just as, when we were professional athletes, we stood out as brand ambassadors and providers of useful and honest feedback to those companies with whom we had long-term associations, we want our farm to stand out so much compared to other dog-sled farms in terms of the standards we set, that dog food companies and equipment suppliers will also want to associate with us.

We haven't really approached companies for sponsorships relating specifically to the work on the farm to date but a captive audience of 10,000 European clents each year, we know we have a lot to potentially offer.

At present, we continue to use the gear which has proven to be trustworthy over time so you will generally see our guides hanging out in Rab, Vaude or eVent clothing when working hard and in Scott Snowmobile Jackets and boots when on the sleighs or snowmobiles. (All of these companies have sponsored various endeavours we have been involved in, in the past and we are happy to continue to use their products).

Please contact us about becoming a HETTA HUSKIES PARTNER: info at

In the meantime, we are one of the companies that works in cooperation with Metsähallitus, (Finland's National Foresty Body). We have a working agreement with them that we follow sustainable principles in nature tourism when operating in the park.

We also work in conjunction with:
The Village to Village Project around the National Park.
True Lapland
Visit Enontekiö
Destination Lapland

We also cooperate internationally with:
Aventure Arctique from France
Explore the North from Holland
Aventures Boréales from France
GNGL from France
Tui UK, Tui Holland and Tui Finland
Berg-Welt from Switzerland
Fintouring from Germany

And with the following, local, hotels and tourism organisations:
Majatalo Hotel
Ounasloma Luxury Cabins
Jussantupa Hotel
Hotel Hetta
Hetan Kota
Hetan Lomakyla
Paavontalo Cabins
Lapland Safaris

Help us to continue to raise awareness about excellent standards in sled dog care and about a way of life which shows respect for people and nature.

We can display sponsors' badges on our guide clothing and equipment (sleighs, snowmobiles, quads and cars) and these, in turn, are profiled in the photographs and videos taken by over 10,000 clients per year and on our active social media platform.